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Experiences Related to Shift

This chapter describes experiences that you may encounter during the time of Earth’s Shift that is already going on. People start preparing for the Shift according to their individual schedule, when they are ready. Some people are only now beginning to feel the first effects of the Shift, some have been preparing for the Shift all of their lives.

This list is not totally inclusive because individuals will experience the Shift and prepare for it in their own unique way. The list does, however, include the most common experiences.



Description / Reason


You may notice that accidents seem to follow you. These often take place to allow you to stop and think about your life. There is a message in every incident for you to decipher. Often an accident is an indication that you are not following your Soul Plan and your Heart.

Bad dreams, nightmares

Bad dreams and nightmares are created by yourself to free yourself from them. No matter how frightful a dream can be, keep in mind that you have created it in your subconscious to overcome your fear. Your Ang-els are with you throughout the experience. If you feel exhausted by your dream work, ask for a “vacation” from it and return back to dealing with your fears when you have gathered enough strength.

Dizziness, disorientation

Your body is moving into a higher vibration. When feeling dizzy try, for example, grounding yourself by eating, doing something that requires total concentration or establishing connection to earth through meditation.

Electrical and physical phenomena

When you increase your frequency, you may start influencing any electro-magnetic items in your vicinity. This may appear as flickering lights, television and radio changing channels or going mute for a while, or a computer not functioning properly. Both electric and non-electric items may break easily when you are around if they are unable to endure your vibration.

Increased awareness

You may experience that you know things without having to go through the rational thought process first. This indicates that you are connected to your Soul level and can receive information directly from yourself at a higher existence. You start seeing into the essence of things, you are able to make connections between things and form new patterns out of them, and you start detecting underlying structures where you formerly saw only chaos.

Increased understanding

As you evolve, you may start seeing things from a larger perspective that allows multiple truths instead of one. You may understand that a negative showing the opposite of an unprocessed picture is as true and accurate a picture as the processed photo. Only the perspective is different. This is part of integrating with your Soul level that allows you a wider perspective and understanding. Instead of seeing things through polarity, you see things multidimensionally.

Emotional changes

If you experience your emotions changing rapidly - in one moment you are perfectly happy and in the next moment wishing to cry – you are adjusting your physical level to your Soul level. This takes several cycles because you are purifying yourself from lower emotions and learning to live in the higher ones.

Fatigue and tiredness

When you start adjusting to a higher vibration, your body, mind and Soul are becoming more integrated. Your body will undergo major changes, your mind will experience restructuring – you also activate new areas and create new connections in your brains - and your Soul becomes a more conscious part of you. Much of this work is happening outside of your daily awareness and you acknowledge it by feeling tired and sleepy at the times of change.

Fear of going crazy

When you are rapidly evolving into a higher vibration, you may seriously consider the possibility that you are going mad instead of becoming a higher existence. Here your rationality may help you. Write down your experiences and evaluate them analytically. This will help you realize that there are too many coincidences for all of them to be random. Just about everyone in the spiritual path will need to overcome this fear at one point of the journey.

Hunger and fasting

When your body starts raising its vibration, canned, frozen or heavily processed food may not be able to give you the nutrition that your body requires and you may feel hungry right after you finished your meal. Favor fresh fruit and vegetables. Consume your food as close to the original state as possible. You may also encounter times when you simply do not want to eat. Eating may feel repulsive. In these times, concentrate on what your body would have if it could decide for you and then nourish yourself with that.


Illnesses can mean two things: either you are purifying yourself from negative karma and releasing the stored imbalance through an illness, in which case the illness is a symptom of a healing process taking place, or your negative karma has become so dense that it affects the physical body.

Immediate manifestations

You may experience that what you think manifests in your life immediately. When you are tuning into your spiritual level of existence, what you think becomes the reality. You will also become more intuitive; being able to predict what happens next and consciously alter the chain of events if you wish.

Intuition and premonition

As you evolve and your Soul connection becomes stronger, you may start moving in the time line. You may remember past lives or anticipate the future. You also need to learn the skill of living in the moment of now to experience your life to the maximum.

Loss of interest

You may feel that you are totally disinterested in your daily life and the physical world around you because you are shifting your viewpoint from physical to spiritual. The change will take its time and for the time being let things follow their natural flow, which will clean your life of all the things that are not in harmony with the New You.

Life changes

You may notice that you no longer feel closeness to your old friends, you may feel uncomfortable with your current occupation, or you may feel that your life does not satisfy your deepest needs. You have changed your viewpoint from a physical perspective to a spiritual one and start seeing your life from a new perspective. Learn to follow your Heart and make the necessary life changes following the guidance of your Heart. When something feels right, it is right.

Need for silence and solitude

You may notice that you get a headache from a loud noise and that you like spending time alone, avoiding crowded places that make you feel uncomfortable, tired or dizzy. You are adjusting to your higher level of existence and becoming more sensitive to the world around you, especially to the part that is still in the old vibration. Arrange yourself time in solitude and learn meditation to maintain your balance.

Pain in chakra areas

You may experience pain when your chakras widen to communicate at a higher level. The focal point of the pain is where the chakra is located, but you may also feel reflections of pain in other areas of your body that are affected by the widening of the chakra, especially in the organs related to the chakra in question. Always consult a medical expert, if you have prolonged pain or the pain is in the area of heart or head, and whenever in doubt. If medical experts cannot find a physical cause for the pain, the pain is probably related to the widening of chakras.

Physical changes

Your body will reflect the changes of your spiritual awakening. When the body heals, it releases lower vibrations normally in the form of pain or illness. The more you unblock emotional traumas, the more your body reacts, rapidly releasing fluids and substances, or retaining them. When the first clearing is over, you are better tuned to listening to your body’s needs, as well as your Soul’s.

Receiving spiritual guides

You may start sensing presences with you. If they make you feel comfortable (let some time pass and do not let your initial fear turn something good into something bad), you can start trusting them as your spiritual guides. Pray for guidance, safety, love, or anything you want in your life and your guides will assist you. If you feel uncomfortable with these presences, use the universal rule of three. In God’s name, ask three times the presence to leave, if it does not work for the highest purposes. Lower spirits will have to obey because their vibration cannot stand the high vibration of you connecting to God with your words.

Seeing 11:11, 22:22, 33, 44 and other numbers

11:11 is the most common spiritual wake-up code for people preparing for a spiritual awakening. These numbers seem to appear everywhere: clocks, license plates, media, and so on. As the awakening progresses, other codes are likely to replace 11:11. When the numbers are increasing, you are progressing, such as in 11:22. When the numbers are declining, maybe you are not making a conscious effort to evolve.

Seeing lights when eyes closed or in darkness

When your vibration raises and you start opening for universal information, your outer and inner senses become heightened. You may experience this by seeing lights when none should be there to be seen. This is perfectly normal and part of your evolution process. If you have a feeling of white light filling your head, your crown chakra is activating and you start bringing into yourself Love in the form of Light.

Sensing extraordinary things

Your senses will undergo a change which may cause you to see, hear and otherwise sense things that you cannot explain through your rationale. Trust that you are totally safe and protected and enjoy the new experience. If you feel uncomfortable by the new sensations, command yourself not to sense anything beyond ordinary and pray for protection. Trust that you are always safe, no matter how you feel.

Sensitivity to the Moon

You may notice that your sleep is deep and you are more relaxed when the moon is getting smaller (waning), and you are more energetic when the moon is getting bigger (waxing). When the moon is full, you may have trouble sleeping and when you sleep, you create vivid dreams. As we raise our vibration, we become more synchronized with the Earth, the Sun and the Moon and each of these affects us in certain ways. It is advisable to keep these cycles in mind; to relax when the yin energy prevails and to be active when the yang energy is on the move.


Telepathy becomes a widely used way of communicating in the New Earth. In preparation, you may start experiencing a closer thought connection in your close relationships, sometimes even with strangers. Thought is energy and every thought carries significance. At some point, it might be worthwhile for you to learn to control your thoughts.

Waking up at a certain time

You may experience waking up at night exactly at the same time regardless of what time you went to bed. Often the time is 3.03, 3.13, 3.22 or 3.33 a.m. This means that your physical and spiritual existences are coming closer.

Wishing to die

If you live in an environment that is mostly vibrating at a lower level, you may feel so disconnected and lonely that you simply wish to be taken away. Hold on, regardless of what. Others are changing right now and soon you will not feel alone, even in the physical world. You are accompanied by Ang-els at all times, whether or not you sense them. Trust that you are safe and taken care of. You are never alone.


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