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Closing Words

The polarity of Earth is widely spread giving us the opportunity to experience extremes through feelings. The sum of the two polarities is now tipped towards one polarity, thus needing balancing, as imbalance is an unnatural state of existence. When prolonged, imbalance causes chaos when the counter-force attempts to restore balance through all manifestations on Earth, and through the planet itself.

The balancing force in the current state is Light which we humans best associate with the feeling of Allowing Love. This is why the theme of Allowing Love is so strong in this book.

The force that is now more powerful on Earth might be called Darkness or Chaos. But it is neither dark nor negative. It is just one of the two primary forces originating from One. To be able to communicate in this limited experience we need to label things. As easily we could label this force Yang that seeks external manifestation rather than internal stability that we refer to as Yin. Yet, both are needed. What could we express if there were no base to build on? What can we learn if nothing changes?

The root cause of imbalance is forgetting the basic questions: Who am I? Where am I? When am I? Why am I?

You are the cause and the remedy. You, me, and everyone else on this Earth. The imbalance is in us. Therefore, the stability also needs to start from us.

The change always begins with the individual. When there are enough individuals, group power can emerge. Group power invites to itself the ones that do not feel themselves strong enough to instigate the change by themselves. It only takes one individual to change the whole world.

Of all the messages in this book, I wish you remember these words: the change always begins with the individual. That individual, the indivisible One that we are evolving back towards, is You.



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