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Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is activating to a higher vibration in every human being right now. The Heart chakra is the channel for Allowing Love to flow in and out of you. It is the center of the New You, raising your vibration to a new level.

When you become aware of your higher self, you start taking in Light through your crown chakra at the top of you head. This light travels through your being, preparing you for the opening of the Heart chakra. Some people feel this when they go to bed or meditate. When you are lying on your back and just let yourself be, you may feel that you start undulating in unseen waves. This just shows you that you are connecting to something beyond your physical self, the universal rhythm of energy.

You can practice making the connection consciously. When you start to meditate lying in bed or before going to sleep, give yourself permission to connect with the universe and imagine it becoming the bed. Soon you will feel your body supported by the waves of the universe. You start feeling weightless and maybe you even let go of the boundaries of your physical body. You may have a feeling of becoming one with the universe. All is you and you are all. The feeling is perfectly normal and not to be feared of as you are part of the universe all the time even if you do not consciously recognize it.

Opening of the Heart chakra requires some work from most of us. Maybe you have already experienced something that has made you stop in your life: illness, financial trouble, death in the family, moving to a new place, giving birth or finding a new love relationship. This has happened to give you time to stop and think. You may or may not have used the opportunity to study yourself and change your patterns.

Heart chakra channels the highest Light that a human can experience, Allowing Love, in and out from your existence. All your frustrations in life, your fears and your karma are balanced through your Heart chakra. If you choose to continue living outside of yourself, using your effort to change the world around you instead of first repairing the world inside of you, your Heart chakra will become blocked and the Light that works to clean your being is obstructed from moving freely. It cannot get out of you, neither can it get in freely. As the time for intensified cleaning is right now, the symptoms are also intensified. Your distorted vibration remains within you, and if you do not allow yourself to be healed by not concentrating on yourself as a spiritual being evolving on Earth, you may harm yourself. The most common symptoms of a blocked Heart chakra are cancer and heart decease.

You hold the key to your healing. You will heal if you truly want it and work to heal. Your Heart chakra is opened for you to evolve from a material-oriented human being to a spiritual-oriented human being. Our common goal is Oneness and this is what your Heart chakra is helping you to achieve right now.

You are not an isolated being in this universe as we are all connected and part of One. The time has come to take the next step in evolution, to become One consciously. You do not need to fear it. You will still be your own personality in One. You will just be much more than now.

Trust your Soul plan and trust the plan made for our world. You come from God, realized by Earth. In a sense, you are God on Earth. The Heart chakra is opening now to allow us move to our next level of the learning experience, one without polarity. There will be no pain, no fear, and no separation. Imagine yourself living in conscious Love, Joy and Happiness because that is your future. As a humankind we are becoming the Child again, making our lives what we wish them to be. We are allowed to experience the stages of infancy, childhood, puberty, adulthood and old age once again but this time we will be wiser from the onset.

The gate to the future goes through your own Heart, no-one else’s. Heal yourself and follow your Heart. Let go of your pain, respect your experiences and over-stand that you are a Soul evolving to a higher existence. Allow yourself to become who you truly are.


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