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Side Effects of Healing

The deeper the healing experience, the more profound the side effects. Letting go of pain may be painful. Facing your fears may feel like a living nightmare. You may experience deep feelings of uncertainty before you find Trust, deep sadness before you find Joy, and even deep hate before you find Love. Your emotions may change from one extreme to another like quicksilver.

Purifying yourself from karmic load may come as weeks or months of nightmares in sleepwork, everything around you may seem to be changing to the worse, and even your relationships may come to an end as you become free of your karmic loads. This is the way this Universe responds to your healing. It gives you exactly what you need at exactly the point when you need it, and it may be something very different from what you wanted.

But the reward is well worth the effort. You will emerge like Phoenix from the ashes. A whole person with knowledge of who you are and what you are here for. A master of your own life: honest to yourself, respectful to the world around you, awake, alert and enjoying every moment of your life experience, trusting your Soul plan, thanking All that exists.

During their monthly hormonal change, women often experience the side effects of purification when they menstruate as increased sensitivity and sometimes physical pain when the body releases unnecessary tissue. This pain is considered a normal part of womanhood. The process is quite similar to healing.

The body responds to the purification of the mind by releasing tensions stored in its system. When the healing begins, it feels like becoming aware of the invisible sores, bruises and cuts in your body. Pain in this case indicates that healing is in process, just as fever indicates that your body is attempting to restore balance after an exposure to viruses or bacteria.

Do not be afraid of pain, rather, learn to embrace it. Pain is one of your body’s ways of communicating its status to you. Enjoy also the moments of balance in your body, when everything is alright. Flex your body and stretch it, and admire the swift and graceful movements that you are capable of.


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