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Controlling Information Flow

You may be aware of the impact of nutrition to the wellbeing of your body, but do you consciously monitor the impact of visual, written and spoken information to the wellbeing of your mind?

Exposing yourself all the time to the flow of information in its various forms changes your personal vibration. News typically concentrate on catastrophes, wars, major accidents and political upheavals. If that, plus abnormally frequent human tragedies in movies and television programs is what you follow daily, it is very likely that your natural vibration is lower than it should be.

Study your exposure to low-vibration information and make the necessary modifications. Turn off the television when you are not genuinely interested in watching it. Do the same with computer, radio and other electrical equipment. Read information consciously and decide what you let affect you.

Create some information free space for yourself to allow restoration of your high vibration. Become conscious of the choices you make regarding the information that you let enter your space and your vibration.

Your Soul speaks loudest in silence. Give your Soul a chance.


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