Daily uffo

Love will find a UFFO


Energy flows in your body better when it is in good condition. It does not mean that you can run a marathon or lift 100 kilos of weights, but more of the mobility of your body.

It is good to stretch every day and for this, you can create your own stretching program. The basic instruction is to concentrate on various parts of your body and then gently extending them to their physical limits: head and neck, shoulders and rib cage, arms, wrists and fingers, spine, pelvis and thighs, knees, ankles, arches and toes. Feel which of your body parts need more stretching and stretch them whenever you have a chance.

Stretching does not need to be serious exercise that makes you frown. On the contrary, make wrinkling of your forehead a stretching exercise, and try stretching some totally new places: ears, nostrils, little toe or bones. Stretching develops your awareness of you body, and enhances the flow of energy in its various forms.


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