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Resting and Sleeping

Your energy body and physical body work in close co-operation. Sometimes you may get a headache or migraine after a long stretch of work, or go down with the flu. Your energy body is using many bodily mechanisms to restore balance and maybe the most familiar ones are also the most overlooked ones. Headache may mean that much information has accumulated without sorting it out and processing it. When there is a break in the use of this information, your system starts processing and archiving it. This may be a major activity that can reflect to you as pain such as headache or migraine. If you are prone to having headaches at breaks from work, learn to rest properly. If your work is active or even hectic, teach yourself to switch into a slow mode when at leisure. Learn the art of resting through, for example, meditation.

Pay attention to resting when you are undergoing stressful changes in your life, when you are down with a flu or some other virus or bacteria attack, or after working long hours. If you ignore the messages your system is indicating by making you feel tired or giving you a headache, be prepared for an illness of some form to break out. When your energy level becomes weaker due to the lack of proper maintenance, something is likely to break down sooner or later.

Very few people manage with a few hours’ sleep. Quite often short sleep is an indicator of severe imbalance; only very rarely it is an indication of very high balance when Light is doing the restoration work also in the awake state.

Sleep is one of the most powerful healing methods and you use its extreme form in connection with severe traumas by putting yourself in coma. In a way, you put yourself to light coma every time you go to sleep, to allow your system focus on healing emotional as well as physical aspects of yourself. Sleeping is self-healing in its purest form.

Sleep is most efficient in times when the Nature is also sleeping. Even though night time and early morning hours are the best times to meditate because the vibration, interference, around you is weaker than during daytime, you should try and sleep when it comes naturally – in line with the Nature.

In areas where there are definite changes of seasons, you should pay attention to getting enough rest when it is dark. Your system is accustomed to taking energy from the Sun, and when the Sun is not there or the Sun only rises a little above the horizon, your energy supply is low. Unless you have learned to take compensating energy from living air, living water and living food, or through praying or meditating, let your body rest more.

If you have difficulties in falling asleep, create an evening routine that leads to sleep. You can for example have a light meal or snack, take a shower or bath, read a little, meditate or pray, and then just submit yourself to sleep. Fight the urge to check the time if you do not fall asleep, otherwise you will start counting hours to the waking up time, making yourself nervous and driving the sleep further away.

You may want to start a diary for recording your dreams. Dreams reflect powerfully your inner world and may lead you to dealing with situations in your daily life that your subconscious is aware of but your consciousness, the filter of rational thinking, is not letting emerge.


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