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Evacuating Bodily Substances

There are many fluids that your physical body emits in its endeavor to maintain balance through various bodily mechanisms such as crying, evacuating excrement and urine, and sweating. In a balanced situation there is a rhythm to your bowel movement, just like there is a rhythm to your breathing or sleeping. In an unbalanced situation the rhythm is broken, and you may suddenly have an urge to for example use the toilet. This is to balance the situation, and also a sign for you to pay attention to what caused it. Many people ignore the message, some understand that it is related to a certain situation that might be frightful or tense, and only very few take it as a signal to study what is the root cause of it and to clear it.

When the message is abrupt, such as throwing up in connection with an emotional situation, you should take it as a strong signal from your energy body telling you to take action in healing yourself. Both anorexia and gaining weight are physical body’s symptoms signifying imbalance in energy body. An anorectic is trying to remove the pain almost violently whereas an overeater is trying to bury the pain within him or herself.

To make most use of the evacuation method, in your daily life and especially in crisis situations when you start abruptly evacuating substances from your body, focus on removing the cause of imbalance with it. When your energy body, physical body and your conscious mind all work together, result is much better than just two faculties working together. A good cry cleanses your being, but so does a good stool, no matter how undignified we have made it appear in the Western cultures.

If you are crying more often than normally, your stomach works abnormally, or you sweat more than usually, take these as symptoms of imbalance in your energy body. If the root cause is not obvious to you, use for example dream work method to find the cause, then systematically deal with it.


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