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Eating and Drinking

Do you eat what your mind dreams of or do you eat what your body needs? Do you become drowsy after a meal or do you feel more energetic?

We were originally created to sustain our bodily functions by eating flora: vegetables, fruit, berries, nuts, mushrooms, seeds – the list is long even without meat. Eating meat grounds your energy and lowers your vibration, yet provides valuable proteins. If you need animal protein, eat, for example, eggs that have no awareness yet, therefore their vibration is neutral.

If you choose to eat meat regularly even though it lowers your vibration, eat your food slowly and chew your food well to assist your digestion that often has difficulties with meat. In the wise words of Tao: “Drink you food and eat your drink.”

Adding raw vegetables to your diet would be the best that you can offer yourself. Eating raw or only mildly cooked vegetables maintains your vibration at a high level. Steaming vegetables is better than cooking because steaming keeps the vitamins and minerals inside your food. Vegetables contain a rich supply of vitamins and minerals as well as water. Check your diet and see if you want to change some aspects of it, every little helps.

A human being is mostly made of water. Living water with natural molecular bonds is very beneficial to your system in both cleaning you from the inside as well as bringing natural vibration inside your digestive system.

If you cannot afford to buy natural water, try this. Do some breathing exercise to balance yourself. Then imagine healing Love Energy starting to flow from your hands. Place your hands on the sides of a water jug or glass of water without touching the glass. Imagine the water fill with Love Energy pouring from your hands. Concentrate on this for a while. Then taste the water. If you have been successful, the water will feel somewhat thicker when you drink it and the taste may be a little bit different from untreated water, like sweeter or rounder. What happened was that, if you were successful, you returned life back to the processed, dead water. Living water is healthier for you even if it still contains additives for preservation in water distribution channels.

Remember that you are from Earth and when you eat, you replenish your body with substances from Earth. Your body is best adapted to the food available at the geographical area where your family roots are and where you spent your childhood.

If you are unsure of what you should eat, look around. Imagine that there is no food whatsoever readily available. What would be the vegetables that grow naturally in your environment? What kind of meat does the nature offer in your area? Are there water areas with fish or seafood? What about mushrooms, berries, nuts or fruit? By reading the nature you can quite easily see what food you would naturally eat. Apart from health effects and freshness, eating locally produced food is also economical because it does not need long-distance transportation.


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