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Processing Low Vibration Feelings

You are healthy when you are in balance. You can learn to keep yourself in balance by learning to process your feelings and by mastering them. Deal with feelings or anger, fear, hate, envy and equivalent so-called low vibration feelings as promptly as you can. Storing them into your system without processing them may cause a variety of symptoms within you and also reflecting on you in your environment.

Awareness is the key to balancing. Stay alert. When a feeling arises within you, stop and analyze the cause. Was it a fellow Fe-Man mirroring you something or did it come from your own discordance with your values? See what caused the feeling. If you cannot see what the root cause was, make a note of the feeling in your mind and restore it so that the next time a similar kind of feeling arises, you already have references for further analysis. Little by little, you start becoming more aware of yourself, and can start controlling your vibration while you are still within the experience that normally causes a reaction in you.

Play scenarios in your mind. Your mind is capable of creating a powerful reality equivalent to physical reality in the universe of your mind. Before launching the situation, decide that the outcome is going to be a balanced one where everyone “gains” and no-one “loses”. Then enter the situation. Try alternative approaches.

After practice, you may notice that you go into life situations more alert, more focused, and more ready to compromise, because your goal is to balance the situation for everyone’s benefit, not just your own.

You may start seeing patterns in life, yin and yang in constant movement, and you can become a powerful balancing element that can transform a destructive force into a productive force, within yourself as well as in your environment.

Becoming an active observer does not mean that you would start feeling less, or to become less human by controlling your emotions. In fact, you may notice living more fully by paying more attention to the moment, and you may start feeling more alive by consciously attending to your feelings.

Teach yourself to see things without bias, from a neutral perspective. Learn to choose alternatives that raise your vibration rather than decrease it.

Love, Joy, Happiness and Forgiveness are powerful, high-vibration feelings that have an in-built capability to heal. Let them wash through you and shine on everyone around you, and they will reflect back on you, further raising your vibration.


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