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Following the Nature

Following the nature means doing things naturally: eating when you are hungry, drinking when you are thirsty, sleeping when you are tired and exercising when your body signals that it needs it.

Following the nature means also applying the wisdom of nature into various life situations. For example, when a storm breaks a tree, birds just accept it and look for another tree to build a new nest. They do not fight back with the wind or spend their time in regrets. Maybe they do, however, learn to pay attention to the strength of the trunk of the tree housing their next nest. In the meanwhile, the sun, the moon and the stars remain totally unaffected in the sky. Disorder in one place does not cause disorder everywhere.

We can always choose how to react to the world’s display of incidents. We can choose to stay in the middle of things, observing at the outer ring or remain outside altogether. Participating in any incident means directing your energy into it. Not every incident needs your focus and energy so choose your participation wisely. Use your values to assess the need to participate. If you can prevent suffering or help healing pain, do it if you can, as by helping others you help yourself because you are part of all that exists.

In the nature, death is the prerequisite of life because it makes space for new life. It is an essential part of evolution and our lives. Death is also needed symbolically. If we do not clean our lives from aspects that do not serve a purpose any more, there is no place for something new to enter into our lives. A past experience, no matter how painful, can be dealt with and set free. The first step is to forgive, then gradually, to unsharpen the memories. Otherwise they will travel with you maybe causing fear of something similar happening again.

Take regular stock of your life and clean it from anything redundant, on the outside as well as on the inside. Take every new day as a new beginning because that is precisely what it is. What would be the point of the Earth rotating if not to offer us a new beginning every rotation around the sun, every turn of season in nature, every lunar circle, every sunrise and every breath? Look at the laws of the nature and see what they can offer you as guidance.

Especially good times for self-inventory and cleaning are the equinoxes in March and September when the Nature prepares for the growing season (dominated by Yang energy) and the retiring period (dominated by Yin energy). At equinoxes the forces of Light and Darkness change place and for a fleeting moment are in perfect balance. This provides an ideal time for us to also balance ourselves.

Our physical bodies come from the earth and return to the Earth. We are built of the minerals our Mothers ate when they were expecting us. As well as our Mothers’ children, we are Earth’s children, with a spark of God in our Hearts.


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