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Becoming Aware

Become aware of yourself regarding the choices that you have. Awareness gives you the possibility to become conscious of the choices that you make every minute, every hour, throughout the day.

You can start with a simple affirmation: “I create my own life”. Repeat this to yourself over and over again, until it becomes a part of your essence. You will then become aware of all the choices that you have throughout the day, and also the selections that you make. You will become to understand and know yourself better.

You may notice that you are accustomed to doing quite many things automatically, without thinking. Become conscious of your every action and re-decide if you want to continue doing things as you do, or is there place for improvement in some way. Awareness is the basis for all other aspects of healing.

The power of mind is greater than modern science comprehends. In clinical tests it has been demonstrated that people feel better and their test results improve when they are given medicine that actually does not even contain the required substances. When people trust that they are taking medicine that heals, healing takes place regardless of the medicine. The true will to heal is so powerful that no illness can conquer it. Healing is a personal decision that requires trust and faith that healing is possible. Use the power of your mind to will your healing and to develop your trust in healing. Medicines can only support you to heal, but they can never heal, in other words balance you, without your genuine will.

Be alert every moment of your existence and make conscious choices to reinforce your internal power of healing. Healing does take place against your will and when you use your will to heal, anything is possible.


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