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Treating Emotional Injuries

Let us start with a reminder that you are a Soul. You have probably spent many life times here on Earth wanting to learn to master yourself. The fact that you are reading this text indicates that you are an evolved Soul, an old Soul taking the time to connect to your true self.

In every life time you learn, but you also collect negative karma, in other words open circles awaiting for closure by you, from all the events where you choose a lower alternative. You carry this karma, this load of unclosed circles, from one life to another, until you close the circles one by one through learning, by choosing a higher alternative that removes any pain related to the experience. You also collect positive karma whenever you choose a higher alternative, and this power is likewise carried from one life to another. Positive karma raises your vibration, negative karma lowers it.

Acute illnesses are most often manifestations of choices made in this life time. Emotional injuries can also be a result of some decision, but they may also be a manifestation of your Soul plan or your karmic load.

Whichever the case, you can try the following simple steps to heal yourself. It may take several sessions to heal a memory, but it is well worth the effort.

  1. Do the breathing exercise described in the previous chapter, preferably lying in bed.

  2. When you feel balanced and calm, ask you Ang-els to protect you from outside influences.

  3. Go back to the incident where you were emotionally injured. If you just feel pain and cannot remember where it comes from, ask your Ang-els to help you find it.

  4. Look at the situation as an outsider. Remember that there are no enemies but only friends, and everyone around you is mirroring you issues that you need to solve in order to develop.

  5. Solve the painful situation. Release everyone concerned from guilt. Bless the memory with Love.

  6. Thank your Ang-els for support.

Healing from an emotional injury may involve sore areas in your body, headache, crying, or the need to use the toilet, to allow a physical exit for a non-physical cause. Physical and non-physical are well connected and co-operate well together. If physical symptoms occur, welcome them as signs of healing and continue healing yourself until the symptoms are gone.

You can also use this method for overcoming fears. Relax in a peaceful environment where you feel safe, go into the fear and study it. What makes the thing so fearful to you? Find the cause and heal yourself. When you succeed, you will notice that there was nothing to fear to begin with.


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