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Using Your Hand

Now, after having acquired your stability and asking for assistance, rub the palms of your hands together and put them about 10 centimeters apart. Feel the healing energy flowing between your hands. This may take some time.

When you feel that you are ready, address the illness or injury that you have. If you feel the energy better with one hand, let it hover about 5 or 6 centimeters from the injured part, or if it is not an injury that you are treating, put your hand at the level of your Heart, at the center of your body, about 5 or 6 centimeters from your body. If you feel energy equally well with both of your hands, use them both, one on top of the other, until you can determine which one is the dominant one. Do not let your hands touch each other, because Love Energy is intelligent and can find its route better in energy layers via “air”. If you feel no energy, use the hand that you feel more comfortable to use.

Now focus on the feeling of Love. If you cannot readily attach yourself to it, think about the people you love, your most precious experiences, something that makes you feel good. You can think of yourself as a new-born baby that somebody is holding with protective Love. Let Love flow within you.

Let the feeling now come out from your hand to the part of you that needs healing. If you are treating a physical injury, you can watch the place where you want the energy to move and imagine seeing it moving. If you are treating an illness, you may want to keep your eyes closed to focus solely on yourself.

Let Love flow. Remind yourself of the permission to heal with your own Love feeling and the Love that Ang-els are giving to you.

You may feel warmth, coldness, electricity or pressure in your hand, the injured area, or both. This is alright. Maybe you do not feel anything at all, but in time, you will. It is Love Energy that heals. Love is all you need to heal anything.

Let you hand be over the part of your body that needs healing as long as it feels comfortable, or above your rib cage. Then thank the Ang-els and quit the session.

In acute illnesses it is advisable to repeat the healing several times a day. If you have not been healing yourself with your natural forces before, it may take several times before you start feeling the flow of energy. But in time you will, and you become more perceptive to the flow of energy, as well as of yourself.


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