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Carpe UFFO!


Taking control over yourself is the first step in any event. Taking control means stabilizing your emotions. You can achieve this by a simple breathing technique applicable in any situation in your life when you want to take control over your emotions and take the lead of yourself. Keep in mind that Air itself is live energy with tremendous healing powers when breathed consciously.

  1. Close your eyes, slowly fill your lungs with air through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, then slowly breathe out through your nose or mouth. Feel the air rising your rib cage at the front of your body when it comes in, and lowering your rib cage when it goes out. Repeat a few times.

  2. Fill your lungs with air, but this time do not let your rib cage in the front rise. Instead, fill you lungs so that sides of your lungs enlarge but the front keeps still. Keep the air in and breathe out. Repeat a few times.

  3. Breath in, but this time do not let either the front or the sides of your lungs rise. Push the air deep into your diaphragm. Keep in, and breath out. Repeat a few times.

  4. Give yourself permission to heal.

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