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Part II, Simple Guidelines for Self-Healing

In Part 1 of this book you have received information of who you are and how you are assisted to evolve. In this part you will be given information of how you can concentrate on healing yourself. The result is up to you. If you are looking for a quick fix, it is quite alright and acceptable, but if you are not putting any conscious effort in healing, any symptoms that you may have will probably come back, maybe more severe than before.

The following guidelines introduce some methods for self-healing with Love Energy such as treating acute illnesses and injuries, healing emotional injuries, and improving your body-mind-Soul co-operation.

An additional chapter is added to focus on Heart chakra because it is activating right now and continues to do that in the coming years. Feel free to modify the instructions given here as you wish. If you feel uncomfortable with any aspect, leave it out or do it your own way. You know what is best for yourself. You also know when is the correct time for you to begin healing.

Before we start, a simple metaphor may be in place: imagine that you have a computer. You have quite many in-built correction programs in it but if you choose not to run virus checks or the defragmentation program regularly, or choose not to acquire and update a proper firewall, the system will eventually become fragmented, out-of-date and contaminated to the extent when the computer does not function properly any more.

The computer represents you. If you do not take care of yourself, you will start feeling the consequences at some point.

You need to change yourself during the healing process. Ultimately, you are the only person responsible for your own life. If you do not assume the responsibility of yourself, any effort put into making you healthy is only short term and you will encounter the same problems later on. If you choose short term solutions to fix yourself over and over again and do not change yourself in the process, healing is not long-term.

In the Western cultures, the standard remedy for any kind of ailment or illness is a chemical, quite often a synthetic medicine that is not a natural product. Even the name of the science attempting to take care of human beings is called medicine, clearly reflecting that medication is the object of the science, not the human being.

Taking a medicinal product may cause you other symptoms that need other medication, and the cycle continues. At the age of 60, you may have a cabinet full of products to be taken daily, to keep you up and running. In the Eastern cultures, you still use natural medicines and healing alternatives more frequently, albeit that the Western medication culture is making its way there, too.

To put it in other words: you may choose to drink alcohol to quiet your thirst, but it is only a short term remedy as alcohol makes your body dry. The natural alternative would be water but it is your decision which one to drink. By drinking alcohol to make your thirst go away, you actually worsen the situation. The same applies to synthetic chemicals. From the first glance the remedy seems appropriate but in time, we see that it may have made the original situation even worse. We do not have enough experience of how new chemical compounds affect our system to be absolutely sure that they do not have consequences later on in our lives.

Pursue natural alternatives when you can, but also keep in mind that because natural medication has not been actively developed and maintained in the past centuries, a natural remedy might not be available today. Until it does, rely on what we have, or make an effort to pursue a healthier life which does not mean that you have to eat uncooked roots or let go of your chocolate. It just means that you become more aware of what you taste, breathe, hear, see, smell or allow yourself to heal.

The following chapters will give you guidelines of what to pay attention to. You are the house of your pain, therefore you are the remedy.


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