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The Book of Earth is not attempting to dictate to you how to lead your life. The book offers you information of what the key development areas in your life are so that you can make the best choices for yourself, or you can choose to ignore this information.

The ultimate plan of your life on Earth is to evolve into the Creator of Paradise, first on the inside by establishing balance, then letting it reflect on the outside, allowing your Light of Love shine on everyone and everything around you, inviting the world to co-create and share the Paradise with you. I created you, my Child. It is your turn to assume your responsibility to re-create now.

You have certain lessons to learn according to your Soul Plan. Maybe you have already learned your lessons, and have come to Earth this time to help others, the billions of your Soul Brothers and Sisters, learn their lessons so that the group consciousness of Fe-Man can reach the critical mass in stability and generate a still point amidst the hurricane of polarity enabling the higher vibration of Fe-Mankind and migration with the Earth to the next step of evolution.

Not everyone follows the Earth in its Shift but the journey of these Souls does not end in Death. Life always continues and Death is just the Portal Home. You as a Soul are an immortal and eternal being currently experiencing the Earth.

For those who migrate with the Earth, life will be different from what it is now. First of all, there will be less people even though Children will have no problems in shifting as their vibration is already at the required level. Secondly, your senses will become deeper, wider and more acute. You may even experience introduction of some new senses that are already being coded in your DNA.

For those who choose to stay, New Earth will introduce new responsibilities that will unfold in time. The Children will need you to Love, heal and guide them. In your Heart you already know if you are willing to assume that responsibility; if you are a One to stay.

From now on, allow the key word in your life be Trust. Trust that everything is happening just as it should be. You may experience difficult times on the outside now that you are preparing for the Shift through balancing yourself. You may experience loss of direction, feeling that life is empty and you are not evolving. You may purify yourself through all kinds of illnesses and by overcoming your fears in your daily life and in your dreams.

All this is preparing you to the next stage of evolution. The best way to experience the change is to be free of fears, your physical and energy bodies clean, and with your Heart open, full of Trust.

This is only the second time in Earth’s history when all the 11 keys of all lessons to learn are available to every Fe-Man. The more keys you attain, the more aware you become of yourself, me, the Ang-els and your Soul Plan. When you receive the final key, the key of the Light of Love, you know all.

Life is not a random game. All is planned at every level. You have alternative paths but regardless of which ones you choose exerting your free will, you will always encounter your life lessons.

Trust that you are always safe, no matter how it seems. Trust that you have yourself at the Soul level, me and Ang-els helping you every step of the way. Trust that you are given all the signs that you need when you ask them. Trust that behind everything you see, anything you experience, hides the potential of great Love for you to uncover.


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