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Sin and Judgement

Originally the term “sin” has referred to the separation between me and my Child, in other words the gap between who you truly are in your Heart and how well you know yourself in polarity. The feeling of separation is always personal and can only be measured or estimated from the inside. No-one else can know the extent of the separation of someone else.

Earthly justice has been formulated to protect Fe-Men and their property. In Heaven, the Soul dimension of you, only your evolution in Allowing Love bears importance. A sinner is not necessarily a criminal in the eyes of the earthly law, and a criminal has not necessarily sinned in the eyes of the Heavenly law. There are many people in prisons all around the world for expressing their opinions or standing up for their values when the earthly law has forbidden it. Are these people sinners because they have broken an earthly law?

Quite often my Sons and Daughters are looking for simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers regarding sin: is smoking cigarettes a sin, is drinking alcohol a sin, is using abusive language a sin, is wearing makeup a sin, is gambling a sin, can a thought be a sin if there is no action? Many religions have listed the sins belonging to their doctrine and their leaders try to come up with answers to fill in the gaps. Many people try to live a sin-free life according to the instructions, not really over-standing the reasons, and if they occasionally fail, they feel like they have committed a crime.

My Child, it is only you who can give the answers to your questions about sin. Once again, the answers are within you. Please have mercy on yourself when you define your answers. Through weakness you may find strength and through pain you may find release.

Do not judge yourself based on how things seem or have been taught to you. When you want to define whether or not something is a sin, ask yourself some questions to get closer to your Truth: am I hurting myself by doing this, am I hurting others by doing this, does whatever I am doing increase Love, Joy and Happiness in my life or the contrary?

If in your Heart you feel that you are not doing the right thing, you sin. If in your Heart you feel confident about being true to yourself, you do not sin. No matter how things seem to others, when in your Heart you know that you are being true and honest to yourself, you do not sin.

Sometimes defining whether or not something is a sin for you and to act accordingly requires much courage because you have to look deep into yourself. Sometimes it would be easier to follow the requirements set from the outside. For example, if in your Heart you Love a person of the same gender and feel totally committed to that person, wishing to share your Life and Love with that person, there is no sin, even though people around you may tell you that there is. If you deny the Truth in your Heart and act contrary to it, you sin because you are separating yourself from the true you.

It is difficult enough to define the concept of sin for yourself, so be gentle with others and show them the Allowing Love that you are capable of. The earthly law will take care of people committing crimes so there is no need for you to impose judgement on them based on the Heavenly law. Heavenly law is only between you and me, not between you and anybody else. By judging others and labeling them sinners you only judge and label yourself. By throwing the first stone, you only increase your own negative karma, whereas your target, the “sinner”, may be freed from some of his or hers due to the pain that you have inflicted.

Sin is separation from who you truly are and truly, my Child, you are me.


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