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Every UFFO has two ends


There is nothing to fear except the fear itself. The cause for fear is that you have lost your sense of unity and you have become separated from me. This world does not want to harm you in any way. It wants to help you in every way it possibly can.

Some of your fears are carried from your past lives on to this life through your karma. Karma is the consequence of the selections that you have previously made, the effect of a cause. Whenever you choose a lower alternative, you add to your negative karma which means that you store the experience into your Soul consciousness. Whenever you choose a higher alternative showing traits of Allowing Love, you add to your positive karma that has the ability to stabilize your negative karma.

Most often, you want to re-experience the point where you made a lower selection to offer yourself a new possibility for choosing in this life or later. When you deal with the experience and master the learning embedded it, you close the circle. The experience will not come back to you, unless you want to re-test your mastery of it. In this lifetime, you are doing your best to balance your karma because you aim to follow Earth in the Shift.

The lower choices of your past can manifest themselves in many ways. The most common form is fear which functions as an invitation for the object of fear to find you. The object of fear can be, for example, illness, unemployment, loneliness or death. The root cause of all forms of fear is your separation from me.

How to deal with fear? Again, it is only you who can heal yourself. Most often people go to see doctors for consultation when imbalance starts emerging as various kinds of symptoms, but doctors, especially in the western cultures, are specialists in curing symptoms, not the causes.

So how can you heal yourself if even the medicinal science cannot help? First of all, you need time for yourself. You can arrange it, if you really want to. Even five minutes a day, concentrating solely on yourself when you go to the bathroom or take a shower, is a good start.

First, consider the symptom, whatever it is. Think about it, and ask yourself ‘why’. It may take some time, but the answer will come, maybe through your dreams. The key is to ask the question: why can’t I sleep, why do I have a stomach ache, why do I have a migraine, why did I break my arm, why do I eat too much, why can’t I control my anger, what am I afraid of?

When you go to bed, ask the Soul level of you to guide you in your dreams, to point out the cause of the symptom to you, to help you solve the challenge and close the circle. This requires courage from you, because if it has been something so strong as to result in a physical symptom, it may be painful for you to re-experience it. Yet, remember, that you have the ability to control your feelings as well as your dreams. You can wake yourself up at any point if the pain becomes too much for you to handle, which actually is what you do when you have a nightmare and you notice that you are not ready to solve the situation yet.

Then, start monitoring yourself. Which words do you use in your daily life? Do you reflect your true feelings or are you just accommodating for others? Are you really listening to the other person or are you just trying to find a catch point to continue with your own ideas? Pay attention to how you use words that carry a lot of load in group consciousness, such as “want”, “need”, “must”, “dislike” and “hate”.

Now you have the four simple steps to healing:

  1. Take time for yourself to know yourself.

  2. Monitor yourself for the words and expressions that you use.

  3. Ask “why am I experiencing this?”

  4. Ask for guidance through signs and dreams.

Symptoms are just there to tell you that there is something that you are not mastering in yourself. Very seldom, you may have taken a task to reflect a Soul Family lesson to learn, but most often it is you who needs healing. Medication is good at balancing you temporarily, but it does not cure the root cause, and using a drug over a long period of time may bring other symptoms along to deal with. In time, you may notice, that your original symptom may have disappeared, but new ones have emerged and they can be even more risky from a physical point of view than the original one was.

The most important thing is to stop and think of the basic questions. You are the answer to all of them, and also the best remedy. Once you deal with the root cause, your vibration becomes balanced and any symptoms leave you. Whenever you need help, just ask for it from yourself at Soul level, Ang-els and me. We are right here, right now, ready to help you overcome your fears.


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