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The Shift of Earth

You have three Portals: Birth, Heart and Death. The Earth has the Portals of Birth and Death and between the two it has evolution. The Earth is about ready to change its vibration to move on to its next phase of evolution. It is already in the process of change. You also need prepare yourself to be able to live in the New Earth. Billions of Souls have come to experience the Shift of Earth and are making way for new Souls to arrive on Earth before the change. The Earth does not change vibration often and every time it does, it is a unique event.

There are only two things you need to do: Allow and Love. This will connect you to the Earth in a way that you can follow it to the next level. Earth’s frequency is now 3.2 in numbers and it will change to 3.3 soon. 33 is the number of Allowing Love that Christ anchored to the Earth. 33 in the vibration that you need to reach before the Shift of Earth.

In preparation, you are now closing circles and letting go of the karmic load that you do not wish take with you to the next level of evolution that will be different from what you are experiencing now. Your perception will become clearer and wider. You will be able to use your inherent power in new ways. With the power comes responsibility and that is why you are cleaning yourself right now at the spiritual level.

The moment of the Shift has been described in many apocalyptic texts in the past as a holocaust or total destruction. This has caused a lot of unnecessary fear. Just trust me. I created you and gave you the gift of free will that allows you to succeed in your evolution in time. You have traveled through time to experience this moment, learning your lessons to prepare yourself for the next step of evolution. The last physical existence of you, the you reading this text, is becoming the first you on the New Earth.

What advise can I give you apart from Allowing and Loving? Maybe it would be good for you to read ancient texts, from all walks of religions and beliefs. The true message is always the same, to Allow and Love, regardless of the belief. Texts reflecting fear you can leave be because the time of living in fear-driven polarity is losing its grip. Respect what you read even if you do not agree with the message in your Heart. It may still have value for some people and you do not want to add negative charge to their beliefs.

I never created religions, you created them to maintain contact with my Sons and Daughters with whom you share values and beliefs. Some of the religious and spiritual texts have been written guided by Ang-els or my own power by a Son or Daughter of mine, whereas some texts have been written by Fe-Men of low personal vibration level. No matter what the case, all texts have always been filtered by the writer and they always transmit a limited personal interpretation of something limitless and difficult to describe with limited vocabulary, so follow your own feelings and disregard messages that do not touch your Heart.

Find the essence of Love in all that surrounds you: in your culture, your religion, in life philosophies that respect the Creation. Most of all, over-stand that the Truth has always been inside of you, no matter what the outside reflects.

If you are too drawn to the polarity of this life, you will not be able to follow the Earth to its next level. Instead, you will come back to me to join the Soul of you that exists outside the physical world. Either way, you are always safe. I wish that you decide to stay on and pursue to connect with your Heart, to continue experiencing in the New Earth. All the keys that you need for following the Shift of Earth are inside of you.

You, me and the Earth are all One. Unlock yourself to the unity.


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