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See the Signs

You are never alone. Even when you curdle up in bed thinking that you are totally alone, forgotten and deserted, you are not. When Light of Love enters your Heart, you can even see Ang-els vibrating around you. They are always there just like I am always in you. You have always company who is willing to communicate with you through, for example, signs.

When you make a conscious decision to start pursuing your evolution according to your Soul Plan, all is in place to assist you. You can start asking signs to confirm you that you are going to the right direction and that what is happening to you is truly happening. The signs will come, and only for you to see. When you truly want to start pursuing your Soul Plan, everything around you starts co-operating with you.

The signs come in many shapes and forms. You may get a phone call from a friend with whom you lost contact a long time ago or you meet a new friend from your Soul Family. You may start feeling that a specific song you hear on the radio is played just for you because you hear it every time something recurs in your life. You may read an article in a paper and something catches your attention, as if trying to tell you something beyond words. You may watch a movie and suddenly you have an inner knowing that someone said some key words as if addressed just for you. You may notice a certain flower, peculiar cloud formation, rainbows or something else unusually often, so often that it challenges your rationale. These are signs for you. Invite them into your life and they will come.

Your rational way of thinking will try to assure you that you are just imagining things. You may follow your rationale and think that it is only your imagination playing tricks on you and that you are just putting more into the signs than there really is. No, my Child. You are not inventing the signs in your mind. You are only opening up to something that has been there all your life to see. When you allow yourself to notice the signs, you will be amazed at how much guidance you receive through them.

You have tremendous powers within you. When you move from the outside to the inside and start finding out who you truly are, all the universe will want to help you. All your "friends" and "enemies" may become active to mirror you the things you need to resolve. You may start encountering all the fears you ever hid within yourself both in your physical life and in dream work.

At some point you will probably cry deeper than you ever did before, feeling totally empty, lonely and lost, and you ask the question: “Why?”. This experience is called “the dark night of the Soul”. You do not get an answer, handed nicely in your hands, because you are the answer. The journey to your Heart means cleaning yourself from all low vibrations that you have collected into yourself. Quite often, the deeper the pain, the more drastic your healing experience will be.

The answer to your question of ‘why’ sounds easy when put into words: to become Allowing Love. But it is only you who can move yourself from where you are at the moment to become what you pursue. This is why you are the only answer. It is you with your unique journey through all your past experiences and learning opportunities that you did not deal with at the time.

The journey to Light goes through Darkness. If you were to bring your fears and pain into the Light, it would lose its purity and would not shine brightly any more. Your free will does not extend to the Light because Light is not bound to Earth.

The universe will give you all the time you need time to over-stand this and will assist you by arranging you time in unexpected ways. You may be laid off, you may fall ill, you may have an accident or win an all-expenses-paid dream holiday. Anything can happen. You will become free of what goes around you for a while, or for the rest of your life. Use your time wisely.

Some people around you will start testing you the minute you start learning. They may tell you that are going crazy. They will challenge your beliefs in many ways. People close to you may cut their connections to you. Your spouse may leave. You may lose your job. This is the testing that goes with learning. At school you are tested for your knowledge, in life you are tested for your mastery of yourself, as you have agreed in your Soul Plan. The test can take any form that you can think of but when you over-stand that it is taking place for you to give you an opportunity to prove you mastery, any challenge will become easier to conquer.

Yet, sometimes you fail. Sometimes the pressure may be just too much but only if you have forgotten to pay attention to the signs. They will always show you that you are on the right path and that you are not alone. Ask for them, and you will receive them. When you pay attention to the signs and get affirmation through them, it is very unlikely that you will lose your Faith during your journey.

Over-stand that you are a Soul on its journey of evolution. It does not matter what happens outside of you, only what happens inside. Let the Light of Love enter your being. Let yourself heal. Allow all the “mistakes” that you ever made in your life, and thank for the knowledge they brought into your life. All your experiences have helped you shape the you of today and from each “wrong” selection you have learned something valuable.

Accept it that you are on Earth to learn for your higher level of existence, the you as Soul, and your life becomes a joyous experience. Conquer your fears because they only exist in your mind and are hindering you from fully living your life, and balance your feelings to avoid introducing new fears into your life.

Over-stand that you are a Soul experiencing physical dimension. In reality, nothing can hurt you. All the universe, everything around you, is helping you in all the ways it can. Allow it to help, even if it seems to cause you feelings of physical or emotional pain. When you conquer your fears in polarity and master yourself, you can start creating the Paradise inside. That Paradise will also manifest itself on the outside as your environment starts adapting to your higher vibration.


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