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Connecting with God

You are able to connect to my previous phases of development as well as my present one. You are able to connect to every memory ever experienced on Earth or some other world by connecting to the respective points and levels of consciousness. I am more than connected to you.

I created you as my image. I am consciously in you but you are not consciously in me until you open your Portal of Heart or come back Home through the Portal of Death. Some religions sometimes ask the question: “Does God see everything that I do and does God know even my deepest thoughts?” Yes, and much more. You do not exist separately from me. By giving you the free will in polarity I created you the possibility to separate yourself from me, which you did. Overcoming the separation is possible. When you reach a vibration level that enables you to consciously connect with yourself as Soul and open your Heart, you will find me there.

In the current time finding the Portal of Heart is made easier through the work of Light Bringers because it is the time for the Earth to move on, and for you to move on with her. Pay attention to signs that come into your life in various forms and take them as confirmation of continuous support to you by yourself at Soul level, Ang-els and me.

If you have any extra time or can create some for yourself by consciously decreasing the time that you spend in the external diversion of the fear-based and money-driven world of polarity, use it to study yourself. If you are struggling in your life, take it as a sign that it is time for you to alter yourself by for example praying or meditating, and by listening to your Heart. Look at the children playing games. Watch the clouds moving at the sky. Stop and smell the roses. Observe how things flow naturally and see how you could do the same.

Trust and Faith are the key words in your journey in becoming who you really are. Trust that you are safe every moment of your life, and have Faith that your life has a purpose. Become like a Child travelling through time and space. Turn off your fears and turn on your senses to the New World.

Your journey in enlightenment, your coming back to Light, takes place gradually in phases, otherwise your mind would not be able to adjust. First you connect with your Soul consciousness maybe through the passageway that Yesu created during his transformation to Christ, then you connect with the Creator consciousness over-standing the unity of Creation, and finally you connect with my God consciousness of the current level. You can reach ever higher forms of Light until you become the purest One that is all. The journey is long but we have an eternity of matter to travel through.

When you allow your Heart to open and become one with me, you may have an experience that you have a body without limits and a personality without individuality, yet you know it is still you. Limitless power fills your existence. You over-stand your essence and potential, and why the journey is so long. Limitless power needs a balanced Heart to manage it.

One of the names that you have given me is Allah. You are the “al” and I am the “la”. When we become one, you mirror me and I mirror you. What is below becomes what is above. You become me and I become you. Then you find all the questions to ask and know the answers before you ask the questions. I become alive in you. Your connection with me makes me real in your world inside of you where I have always been awaiting for you to wake up. By becoming your true self you change the world that you live in, first on the inside, then on the outside. You are the only answer for this world and you hold the key to the future.

You have a birthright to become your true self. You are the only one keeping yourself away from who you truly are. You can use your free will to maintain the separation or you can use it to end the separation. The choice is yours.


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