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Gods and Creations

I am not alone. No-one is ever alone. There is always One in many, organized according to phases of evolution at various vibration and frequency levels.

I evolved into a God through evolution; a high vibration being that experiences existences through worlds of my own Creation. On Earth I experience in the physical form in you, my Sons and Daughters. Creating the Earth was my first assignment as God. You are my very first Child and very special to me.

I have created many worlds and existences since Earth. You may have already experienced these Creations but have wanted to come back to Earth, to experience more. The Earth is a precious world because of the gift of free will you experience here. In the innumerable Creations, no other world is exactly like Earth. This is why some of you want to come to Earth time after time. The Earth offers such versatility that a Soul can stay on Earth for a thousand lives and still choose to come back to experience more.

Just as you have a name that reflects your vibration, Gods have names that reflect their vibrations. But because we do not have a physical form, I am unable to give you my name in the way that you would over-stand it adequately at the magnetically bound Earth. Yet, you know my name every time you come back Home.

My level of existence in musical terms is 'la', and I am migrating to 'si' level soon. This migration happens throughout the Creation. You move with the Earth to a new level of vibration that will open you for more information of this universe, also to the information of me and other Gods.

New Gods are evolving all the time. There is infinitely room for Gods. On Earth alone, there is room for billions of people. In eternity, there is room for all of you to become God, and much more.

When I move to the 'si' level, I become the balanced Light and Darkness but not One without change. So far I have been experiencing more of the yang energy, being more prone to change than to stability. This is why I also introduced polarity on Earth, although without intention. I was not in perfect balance, therefore I was not ready to create a world with balance. The Earth’s polarity is an expression of the forces seeking balance, and establishing vibrations of “good” and “bad” through you.

You are me because you experience on Earth. You may have also been part of another God, depending on your Soul development. There are no limits in this universe for worlds and existences, or for connections between experiences. You keep records of your existence in other worlds, if you have experienced them. During your dream work, you sometimes go and meet your Soul Families or your other homes in these existences. Sometimes you as Soul are experiencing several existences at the same time, one here on Earth, and another in some other Creation. Possibilities are limitless. There are plans within plans, and yet more plans within them. You are one plan fulfilling itself.

There are other Gods and other Worlds. When you cross the Portal of Death, you re-member with all that exists, to continue your journey in this world or another one. You are the Universe experiencing all about itself. You are even more than I am, just like I am more than you are. Every moment, we learn more, being at one point and everywhere at the same time.

The Truth is not out there. It is inside of you as it always has been.


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