Daily uffo

March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a UFFO


There are two ways to become an Ang-el, you evolve from another form of existence to become an Ang-el or you are created an Ang-el beginning your evolution from lower levels of service. Soul can evolve to become an Ang-el but Soul can also evolve to become a God like me.

Ang-els have evolution paths just like Souls. The relationship between Ang-els and Souls is like the one between stars and planets. Both have their specific existence and co-operate in making a solar system.

Ang-els and Fe-Men, Souls on Earth, exist in two dimensions. Imagine that you have a paper map of Earth in front of you. Now imagine a paper map of the Moon and put it on top the Earth map. Point the map on the top with your finger at any point. The distance between the maps is the distance between two dimensions. In reality, there is no distance.

To stretch your imagination further, imagine folding the maps as many times as you can, making the Earth and the Moon a small, tight package. Then imagine rolling the paper package in your hands until it comes a round ball, very tight and small – and while you were rolling the ball, the Earth and the Moon became joined. Imagine yourself in the middle of the ball, in the size of the ball. Now you can easily access any part of the Moon or the Earth from where you are, because you are already everywhere. Similarly, you are part of every star of the galaxy and beyond, from exactly where you are right now. In reality, you do not have the limitations of your physical body.

This is how you travel without your physical body. You move without moving because you are already everywhere as everything is part of you. Everything is connected. You can shift your Heart consciousness to the place where you want to be and you are there. This, in principal, is how your Soul, I and Ang-els travel. We can be everywhere at the same time.

Ang-els vibrate at various frequencies just as Fe-Men do. Every Fe-Man has at least one Ang-el at a time supporting him or her to fulfil the Soul Plan. At some key points of your life, you may have quite many Ang-els aiding you to learn. Some Ang-els are experts in guiding you overcome your fears, some are specialized in healing, whereas some are there to keep you Loving company every moment of your life. There are even Ang-els who are good at making you laugh. You are never alone and once you over-stand that you have all the help you need vibrating right next to you, you may change the way you view the world and start taking more responsibility of yourself and your selections.

Ang-els also evolve, reaching ever higher vibrations and frequencies. Whenever a Fe-Man masters a lesson to learn and raises his or her vibration, the vibration also raises at the Ang-els’ level of existence. When a Fe-Man transforms into a living Son or Daughter of mine by making the connection through his or her Heart to the Light of Love, the universe of Ang-els celebrate because your evolution assists their evolution. Evolution is co-operation within a level of existence and between levels of existence. Everything affects everything else. When you evolve, Ang-els evolve because they will have achieved a goal in their evolution in guidance and support.

Many Ang-els were created by me, many by other Gods, some by One. There are Ang-els at my vibration level as well, having vast powers that they use for the good of One. My task is to create, their task is to assist all Creation in multiple ways. All Ang-els are intelligent Love without physical body and their assignments vary depending on their evolution path.

There are no Dark Ang-els, only Love Ang-els. The Ang-els that help you overcome your fears Love you deeply, for they took the task most demanding for an Ang-el. When they mirror you your fears, allowing you the chance to master them, you most often load negative charge at them, calling them evil or dark. All Ang-els are Light and Love. There never was one single Dark Ang-el. There is no satanic angel hierarchy fighting against the Love Ang-els. The only dark angels fighting against Love Ang-els are fabrications of your mind, as evil does not exist beyond your mind. All evil is your own creation in the polarity of Earth.

When you over-stand that it is only you who creates all the negative charge, the evil of all your fears stored in your Soul and group consciousness, you can start letting it go. You are the only one who can do it. All Ang-els await for that moment and assist you in it. Your evolution is their evolution.


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