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From Religion to Lovegion

It has come a time to lay aside disputes about who has the right God in their religion; the time to stop judging yourself and others; the time to realize that everything is One. The common label for religions based on Love might be Lovegion.

Religions have been created by Fe-Men, they are your creations. Throughout the time I have been interacting with you directly and through Ang-els, reminding you of the message of Love. These messages have been transformed into disciplines and routines, and a strict hierarchy may have been established to communicate with me, sometimes depriving you the possibility to directly communicate with me, your Father. In some religions of your creation, one person may be elected to become my embodiment on Earth, and their word is as good as mine. Your job is to obey and pay. That is how you have planned it, you, my embodiment on Earth.

You need not go anywhere specific to contact me. You can do it whenever, wherever. You do not need to learn prayers by Heart, and then repeat them over and over again to maintain a connection to me. Are those words your own words? Do they truly come from your Heart or your brain? Words are vocal vibrations transmitting feelings and reflecting experiences linked to these words in group consciousness. It is your feeling that you want to convey with words, and if you do not form the combination of the words yourself, how likely are you to succeed in attaching your true emotions to them? Feeling is the truest form of existing on Earth, not doing. True feelings come from your Heart and sometimes your brain is even incapable of processing the truest messages of your own Heart.

By all means, keep all the hierarchies and places for worship in all the religions that you have created, and if you so wish, go and set up new religions with even tighter rules and controls, heavier bureaucracy, larger cash flows and more politics involved. Over-stand that it is you who creates religions, not me. When you open yourself to Love and Allow everything on Earth as it is, without judgement, you will, however, very choose another direction and start working to bring the various faiths and religions together, into a Lovegion based on Allowing and Loving. The only thing you need to change in order to make that happen is you.

I love you equally much, whether you are an Atheist, Babist, Buddhist, Christian, Essean, Hindu, Muslim, Shaman, Shinto, Taoist, or belong to some other of the numerous spiritual or philosophical homes of your creation, or if you do not belong to any of them at all. Some spiritual homes offer a place for sharing feelings and high values. In that they are truly valuable. But if the spiritual home starts judging in any way, the message of Allowing and Loving becomes buried under rules and regulations, and you are asked for money to even be part of this spiritual home even when you are struggling to provide for yourself and your family, it is more likely that you are part of an enterprise run by businessmen and women. You do not need rules, regulations or money to be part of me because you are already part of me by Birth.

Imagine that I am a beach ball and you are a grain of sand. I have all the colors of the rainbow in stripes on me. Now, this beach ball that is me lands on sand and you as moist grain of sand stick to it. You are attached to the red stripe of me, and there is no way that you can see that the other grains of sand on the other side of the beach ball are attached to the green, blue, white or yellow parts of me.

Who is right? Is the ball yellow? Is it blue? Is it red as you perceive it? Could it be that everybody is right in some way but you just have not communicated enough to see how it could be? Yes, with your limited senses it is difficult for you to comprehend me. Maybe you should not try so hard. Maybe you could just allow the idea that you cannot comprehend everything and that you do not even need to at this point, because knowing comes through evolution according to your Soul Plan.

You may want to search for the common ground by studying various religions and spiritual movements, and just explore the essence that is there for you to find. The key question always is: who am I in relation to my God. The answer is always the same, only the form is different. Think about the beach ball when you are looking for similarities. Religions give you pieces of the Truth, but the Truth you need to over-stand yourself.

Allowing Love gives more than it takes. You are here to learn it, in all the ways you can, until you master it and are ready to move forward, in ever higher forms of Light of Love. Belonging to a church, institutionalized or not, does not have a meaning for you at Soul level. There are no religions outside the physical worlds. Your Soul is free of religions and doctrines. You are here to experience for the good of One, to become a higher vibration through your choices. You are a free Soul. Create your own way to Love and build your own church in your Heart.


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