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Co-operating with Yourself

The world is what you make of it. You have the ability to create your emotions. You can be happy and content whatever the circumstances, and by your true emotions you can change the circumstances. You may ask why are the circumstances not equal; why some people have so much while others have so little. Is that right?

There is no right or wrong, you decide every moment what for you is right and what you feel could be different. You, as my Child, have used your gift of free will to shape the world to be exactly what it is today. With every decision and choice that you ever made, you changed your world.

In the polarity, instead of cherishing the wellbeing of all Fe-Mankind, you chose the wellbeing of your own and your family. Often, you wanted to make your utmost that your offspring would have better chances of experiencing than you did, by leaving them a legacy of property rather than a legacy of high values. I am happy that you are reconsidering your purpose now.

I am addressing the you that came on Earth thousands of years ago and still come back to master yourself. Through the group consciousness you are the past living the present. Over-stand that during all your existence you have done nothing wrong. You have just made choices that led to your current world, a certain point in the universe that has already changed since you read this sentence.

Over-stand that you create the world with each decision that you make. If you want to change the world, start with changing yourself. I am always with you, just like Ang-els and the Soul level of you, to assist you throughout your life. You are an eternal spiritual being in quest for unity through experiences that ask you to make selections in an electromagnetically bound substance creating the effects of time and space, and in this point of the universe, you are the Creator of the next moment. You are the one with the power in this world.

If you want to change the world to aid its migration to the next step of evolution, start consciously making higher decisions and selections that raise your vibration. It does not matter how rich or poor you are. Every moment of your life you are given a chance to choose. You are the only one who can choose for you if you do not give the power away. If you have given the power over your life away and someone else is making the selections for you, reclaim that power because no-one else knows what you should choose. Study yourself and study your Heart. Feel what is really important to you, then choose accordingly.

You do have the power to change your world by changing yourself. I gave you the power by giving you free will. To change the world, learn to control your feelings and focus your thoughts, align your mind with your Heart. Your Heart is a powerful gateway. Let it guide you and you will become what you always desired in your Heart. Become aware of your choices and follow your Heart.

Love, Joy and Happiness are only a fraction of a second away, like they have always been. They come to you only when you are ready; when you open your Heart. You need to become conscious of yourself, to start co-operating with yourself instead of losing your energy to polarity. Start monitoring your thoughts, feelings, choices and actions. Become familiar with yourself to know which aspects of yourself you want to change. Then work on yourself.

Life is about learning in co-operation. Be kind to yourself and others. What has been created can be changed. With power comes responsibility. Take the power over your own life and start making responsible choices. It is not only you that is affected by your choices. It is everyone around you at this moment, and everyone in the future.

You may be accustomed to co-operating with others, but how well do you co-operate with yourself? By co-operation, you slowly become familiar with yourself. One day you will look into the mirror and know the person who is looking back at you. Then you know that you have the power.


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