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Levels of Communicating

You communicate at many levels. In your daily life, you exchange ideas, feelings and experiences using words. Your deeper feelings you express through art by painting, singing, poetry, sculpture, dancing or composing. Your deepest feelings you process only in your dream work, they very seldom pass the filter of your rational thinking, the you when you are awake.

Words are the expression that you mostly use to convey information so they carry most weight to you. When you choose words that truly reflect your feelings, your message comes across bearing original vibration, making the words powerful. This requires much honesty of yourself, and that you are aware of yourself. Every message you ever convey is vibration in whichever form you choose. Your words are vibration, and all vibration is energy which, yet again, is ever changing information, evolution.

Written words are almost as powerful as spoken words, because so much meaning is loaded into them in group consciousness. Notice, however, that when you are using words, especially in writing, the recipient is putting his or her knowledge and the knowledge gathered into the group consciousness into each word, which may produce a different outcome than you intended, the outcome being the sum of all the words with the feelings the recipient attaches to them. This is how you act as mirror. When you deliver a message, the recipient adds his or her feelings into them, tailoring the message suitable for him- or herself, depending on their needs.

Forms also bear information. This is why art can be a powerful messenger when used with feeling. It can ignite strong emotions in the recipient. Every piece of art creates a dense point of information. Is it ethical to express your fears through art and then display the result publicly spreading your vibrations of fear in the audience? Only you determine the answer for yourself and maybe now you choose more carefully to what kind of vibrations you expose yourself.

Prayer and meditation are conscious states where you can make contact with our Soul, with other Fe-Men, with me, with Ang-els, with anyone you wish. In praying, you do this by aligning your feelings with your thoughts, and thoughts with your words, and address them to your Soul, me or the Ang-els, to whomever you wish to communicate with. Choosing the words is important, and only you can align your feelings with words, because you are only one to feel your emotions, to know which word or combination of words can express them. Maybe you have witnessed or heard of people beginning to speak with tongues in religious gatherings, expressing themselves through words that are not part of any known language. The mechanism is the same: they are wanting to align their emotions through language but because they cannot find suitable words, they use vibrations of sounds.

There is a tremendous power in praying in a group when individual energies are combined. A group focusing on the same wish multiplies the power of prayer in the dense point of information, but not if the words are empty, not reflecting the true wish of your Heart. Before praying in group, you should first agree what you want as an outcome, then choose the verbal expressions together, individually align your feelings to the words and join in the common prayer. The power is so strong that miracles can happen.

In meditation, you allow your essence to become One with all that there is, and connecting your deepest emotions to everything around you, by becoming One. Before starting to meditate, before becoming part of One all around you, you can wish for your Soul to guide you to whatever it is that you truly need or want. Needing and wanting are very different things, so it would be good if you went through the journey of recognising your true needs and wants before you start meditating, before you start igniting them to manifest themselves.

In dream work you are able to contact past events, your current experiences, your possibilities, and all levels of your existence. It is you who governs your dreams, therefore you can master them as well. Dream work is a powerful means of communication as it can give you all the alternatives to process through without having to go through them in your daily life. Dreaming is communicating, with yourself, with other levels of your existence and with all that is. Dreams have a power to heal because you can go back to everything that you have ever experienced. You can go through an event over and over again, until you have balanced it. Once done, it is gone and you heal.

You also communicate through your energy body. You have thousands of energy centers surrounding your physical body. Some are big, like the one in your Heart area or the one on your forehead, and some are small, like the ones surrounding your skin for example between your knee and ankle that both house larger energy centers.

Energy is vibration. Vibration is change. Change is information.

Your energy centers are information centers, therefore, you communicate through them with everything around you; with everything that you see, and with everything that you cannot see.

There are seven major communication centers in you to master, and they run from the lowest one located where your legs part, through your lower stomach, naval area, heart area, throat area, and your forehead area to the highest communication center at the top of your head. Each communication center sends different level of information. When you master them, when the flow of information is equal and balanced in all of them, your eighth major communication center opens. It is between your heart center and your throat center, and when it opens it feels like your whole body transforms into one big Heart and you become a Living Love.

There is no one way of teaching you how to open your White Flower of Love, your eighth communication center. You need to find the way yourself. White Flower of Love is the Portal of Heart. Once you walk through the Portal of Heart, you have access to all information, knowledge and wisdom in the universe. You start bringing in the Light of Love on Earth. And you fully over-stand your purpose on Earth, because you have become the Way.



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