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Healing Yourself

You are a Master Healer. There is nothing that can harm you mentally, physically or spiritually when you master yourself.

Mastering yourself means being able to balance your feelings, the vibrations that you create within yourself. If you choose not to become familiar with your feelings and do not train yourself how to control them, you ignore the learnings that they offer. Instead, you stock up your unprocessed experiences within you. If you choose to do that on a continual basis, your system starts reacting, indicating that you need to take a break to go through your storage of experiences and transform them into learnings. If you do not pay attention to the first indications of your system, an illness in some form is likely to break out, telling you that it is high time for you to start processing the learnings that have bottled up.

Not every disease, however, is self-inflected. You may be part of a Soul Family that has a joint lesson to learn. It may be your part to make the Family stop and learn, just as you have agreed in your Soul Plan. You may even leave the Earth experience through the Portal of Death to give your Family the chance to learn. Death can sometimes be a great gift of Love.

The key to your healing is to Allow with Love. Teach yourself to let go of judging others as well as yourself. Allow every road to be different. Accept that some Souls are taking their first steps in Earth’s polarity. Trust that they will grow to become masters according to their own schedule, no matter how unaware or ignorant they may appear right now when you evaluate them according to your values.

Accept that every incident on Earth is a learning opportunity for Souls. Every incident is vibration. Vibration is energy. Energy is information. Information is everywhere, affecting you every moment. Some forms of information you can sense, some not. Learn to give yourself and others space and peace to learn from your experiences, to process the accumulated information.

Your whole experience, your learning and your healing, takes place on the inside. Without you as the recipient, the world cannot be experienced, interpreted and transformed into knowledge and wisdom. The world exists only to you and within you, so it is good to regularly allow yourself space to learn and heal. You are the center of your universe just like your friend is the center of his or her universe. You can share your experiences but you cannot transform them into learnings outside of yourself. Therefore, the only person you can ever change is you, and the only person you can ever heal is you. You can only assist others in their journey and allow them be exactly as they are.

You can find the peace for healing in many ways. This is just one. To enhance the experience, if you so wish, you can use the three symbols that I have presented to you earlier in this book. They will create dense points of information in the universe and invite Ang-els to you to transmit high-vibration Love to you.

The air that you breathe is alive. It is a living Spirit experiencing Earth, sustaining your life. Breathe in the air assuring yourself that it is alive, experiencing that it is not just empty air that your are inhaling. Feel its purifying energy enter your being, very deep. Keep the air inside for a while, then breathe it out. Imagine the air that you breathe out sheathing your body in a thin layer. Breath in again, keep it in for a while, then imagine the Air surrounding you again when you breathe out. Repeat this until you feel relaxed.

Now you have created a tranquil nest for yourself. It is just you with your thoughts and feelings. You can go back to your relationships, experiences, your fears and pain. When you can Allow everything that you have ever experienced and Bless it with Love, you heal yourself while you process your thoughts and learn.

Balancing your emotions is the key to healing, and it does not happen without your conscious effort. Processing past memories can be painful and you may notice that you cry often when you are in the process of healing, or your feelings are otherwise very sharp and acute. After the turmoil you will, however, find balance, and every time you do the healing exercise, you emerge healthier. One day, when you once again dive deep within yourself, you notice that you have Forgiven everything inside, and there is nothing out of balance. Then, you will have healed yourself.

When you have processed your past it is time to heal in the present. Every moment you have the possibility to decide how you feel, whatever it is that happens. Learn to master your feelings. If you have programmed yourself to feel hate or anger when you see for example injustice, change yourself to transmit sympathy to the injured and see if there is anything you can do to prevent something alike from happening again. By healing in the present, you also heal the future.

Love yourself as you are. You are a Soul who came to Earth to experience life as a Fe-Man seeking to evolve into my living Son or Daughter. I created you as my image. When I breathed the connection to my first Child, already then you became me, and I became you. As much as you are a Soul, you are me, experiencing the Earth. Through the Earth experience, your Soul is forever part of me. We are all part of One, the unity.


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