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Your Book of Life

Imagine that your life is a book that you write. Every moment you write more and more of yourself into that book. Every moment you make decisions of how you use your time at hand. Every moment you create your future by making selections at the present. The future is what you choose right now. What you sow into your life now, you harvest later. Good seeds provide a good harvest whereas bad seeds will come back to you in one form or another.

Every moment is important because right now you create your next moments. You do not live in the past any more because it is gone already. You do not live in the future either, because it is not taking place now for you to act. If you consume your time re-living your past and fathoming the future, you are not really living because the only time that you have is right now. Time spent on re-living past experiences after the time has come to move on means lesser experiences in your life because you are not using the time now to sow the seeds for your future. The current moment is the only future that you will ever have.

To learn, you may study the lives of people that have reached their old age and see how they came to the point where they are now, or you may read biographies of people of the past whom you respect. You can also see how these selections affected them: they either glow from the inside or they do not. Life is a road made of selections in the moment of now.

Reflect on your life every now and then. Look at where you are right at this moment and see the continuum of selections that brought you here. Observe how you are conducting your life right now and realize the consequences of your actions. Every effect results from a cause. Nothing is random.

I established you a possibility to experience Earth. As a Soul you took upon the offer and were born into your life on Earth as my Son or Daughter, with the possibility to unite God, Soul and your material existence during your life on Earth. Your greatest gift of all during your life is your Free Will. Your book of life is what you make of it. When the time is right, you will encounter the learning opportunities that were agreed for you in your Soul Plan. You are the key to your success in your Soul evolution. Start writing new pages to your book of life now. There is only now. In the next moment it is already gone.

Every moment, every day, you decide your next steps. What you sow is what you harvest. Listen to your Heart and your harvest may be much more than you ever even dreamt of. Take the learnings from your past and then let the past go. The past can be a heavy baggage if you carry it all with you.

Future does not just happen without you moving a finger. It is you who determines your own future, right no, right here. Listen to your Heart and listen to my words: You are the Free Will Choosing your Future Now.


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