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The Brief Experience of Life

Words and languages contain much information beyond their obvious meanings. When the English word ‘life’ is written phonetically [laif] you get two components: ‘la’ which is the God frequency and ‘if’ expressing uncertainty. This in the English speaking environment expresses what life is: the possibility to evolve higher. The equivalent words in other languages may express other vibrations describing ‘life’, reflecting the knowledge in the group consciousness of that culture.

Life is a school for Souls to learn. Relationships form a game that Souls’ Earthly representations, my Children, play as individuals and as teams to master the key aspects of it. Life is a great theatre that displays intricate plots, deep drama, direct action and joyful comedy, all at the same time.

The evolution of the physical body, energy body and Soul are all linked. After becoming an adult, my Earthly Child, a Fe-Man, quite often starts following the model and behavioral patterns built into his or her surrounding culture, like setting up a family, raising children and benefiting the society in some area of service such as industrial work. For some Fe-Men this may become the sole purpose of their life. Yet, they will often advance also in their spiritual development through their daily lives because of the choices life brings every moment.

Soul Plans are often so created that at some point they offer a possibility for major spiritual growth. For some Fe-Men, this takes place when their children move away from home or they become retired. Beginnings and endings of important relationships are also intended to offer Fe-Men space to evolve. When something major happens in your life and you use the opportunity to stop and think, you may start realizing that there is more to life than what you can see.

Spiritual search is conscious quest for answers where the questions are more important than the answers. The answers have always been there waiting for you, but without the questions, you cannot find them. Even if the answer is right in front of you but you have not found the question yet, you are blind to the answer. The conscious search is still only a part of your learning. Your whole life is a spiritual quest whether you take it as such or not.

The key word to learning is 'choosing'. Every day you are offered possibilities to choose and depending on what you choose, you either advance in your development, stay at the same place, or move backwards. Think of, for example, these situations: do you greet others first or do you wait for them to greet you; do you let a Child with a candy bar take the place before you in a queue at a grocery store; do you eat to nourish your physical body or solely for the pleasure of your mouth; do you rather hide behind excuses and white lies than be honest? These are everyday situations, yet they offer you a chance to strengthen and develop your values, on a daily basis.

At best your life can be constant spiritual quest, in everything that you experience. You can focus on any work at hand and ask questions from your yourself while working: why am I doing this?; am I doing this with the best possible outcome in mind or just trying to get rid of it quickly, and if so, why?; what could I do better?; what can I learn from what I am doing?; could I do this differently?; should I share my knowledge of this with others?; how does this improve my or someone else’s life? There are many questions that you can ask yourself daily, making your life a spiritual journey while doing whatever you do day by day. The Earth, with all the Fe-Men taking part in the joint effort to evolve, offers vast opportunities for learning and self-mastery.

It would benefit you to realize that you are exactly where you are and doing exactly what you do because of the decisions that you have made earlier in your life. If you feel like circumstances and coincidences have just carried you someplace, please reconsider. Look back at all the decisions of your life and see the choices that led you right where you are right now. Each adult Fe-Man is responsible for the exact time, place, surroundings and content of their lives. Therefore blaming others is futile. Maybe at some point you gave away your decision power to someone else. Yet, you made the choice of giving it away. You are responsible of who you are. You have created your own life. Therefore, you can change it, too, and only you.

This may sound insensitive coming from your Creator who just wants to Love you, but please over-stand that I know all about the power that you have inside. From your Soul's point of view, life is a brief, extremely valuable chance to learn. It is up to you to recognize this and make use of every moment of your life, for your own benefit, because you are one with your Soul. Because of the rules of this Earth, you cannot experience a living connection to that part of yourself before you take Love in your Heart, when you overcome separation. You can use your free will to turn down the offer of learning and evolving, and come back to experience life as Fe-Man time after time, until you decide that now you have explored enough the extremes of polarity and start focusing on your conscious spiritual evolution in the physical world.

You have a free will. You are in charge of your own life. Your destiny is to fulfil your Soul Plan that you have defined for yourself, to become ever higher in the eternity of evolution. Trust the wisdom of yourself as Soul.


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