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Passageways to Universal Information

The wisdom of Light Bringers such as Christ, Buddha and Krishna is accessible to every Son and Daughter of mine. Life is movement within universal information that exists regardless of time. Throughout the history of Fe-Mankind, the Light Bringers have created passageways to this information through enlightenment. Every Son and Daughter of mine has the potential to access the universal information through an existing passageway or they can create a new one. Religions have mostly been created based on the universal information brought to the physical existence by the Light Bringers.

To use an existing passageway means to follow the footsteps of the Light Bringers, to create a new passageway means connecting to the universal information at a new point which, when recorded on Earth, may give birth to a new religion or life philosophy, depending on how many others are able to relate to the vibration of the information or connect to the source through the open passageway.

To open a passageway to universal information means aligning your body, mind and your Heart with your higher existence, your Soul. It also requires that you master some key learnings of life to be able to transform universal information into knowledge and wisdom applicable for life on Earth. Accessing universal information is recorded in your Soul Plan and it will happen when you are ready. You will use the information to develop yourself as a spiritual being and sometimes you see it in your path to share your knowledge with others. When the time comes, you will know what to do.

A passageway created by a Light Bringer contains much of the experiences and conscience of that particular Light Bringer. To go through the passageway often brings strong feelings related to the Light Bringer as, for a moment, your consciences merge.

Universal information in itself serves you no purpose. Only when you transform the information into knowledge and wisdom that facilitates your evolution into a higher existence are you fulfilling your Soul Plan.

Every moment bears importance. Every thought counts. Every uttered word changes the overall vibration, and cannot be taken back. By mastering yourself you will learn to balance energies within you and around you, and provide yourself with the possibility of becoming a true Light Bringer.

If you want to achieve a higher vibration in this lifetime, study yourself and everything that you sense and feel. Became a master of yourself. Let your Heart guide you, and when you have become balanced, at ease with yourself and this world, allow your gentle Soul walk you through the Portal of Heart to permanently connect with your Soul, me, Light and the universal information.


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