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Portals of Birth and Death

For Souls experiencing the Earth, there is one gate in and one gate out. The gate in is Birth. The gate out is Death.

No Birth is an accident, but a carefully planned event to allow a Soul to enter the Earth. The Souls make agreements for example about family relationships before the life experience. The Souls invite other Souls to take part in their learning experience, agreeing beforehand the joint challenges as "friends" or "enemies" as the relationships are called in polarity. Entering and leaving the life experience, as well as lessons to learn, are defined in the Soul Plan.

Before you were born, you as Soul were monitoring the development of the fetus in your Mother's womb. When you were born, your Soul became connected to the physical home of your body, and stays connected until Death. It is possible for you at the Soul level to have several life experiences in different worlds simultaneously.

The Soul as you is here to learn. You carry the plan for your experience in your Heart. In the beginning of your life, you typically have the most basic experiences with your family, relatives or whatever surroundings you have planned and agreed for yourself. As an adult you start refining you values that you find tune at your old age, if this is in your Soul Plan.

From the point of view of the Soul, it does not matter if you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, alone or with friends, as long as you are evolving according to your Soul Plan. A seeming misfortune may be aiding you in your inner development. This may sound cruel when you first think about it, but rise above yourself and see this experience from a larger perspective. It is not what “happens” to you, but what you choose to feel at each moment. Mastering your feelings, choosing the highest alternative in any given situation, any moment in your life, is your purpose.

You may have all the money you can ever spend and still feel empty inside, or you may have a little or no money but you can still feel happy about your life. All that counts is how you feel inside. Quite often the rich will have a hard time connecting to their higher selves because the material world plays such a strong part in their lives, whereas the poor may have better possibilities to evolve because of the basic decisions that they have to face every day.

Wars provide vast theatres for practicing self-mastery in the polarity-driven life of Fe-Men. It combines families, friends and nations, to jointly pursue a common interest, or it can break the unity. Every representation of a Soul, every Son and Daughter of mine, is given a chance to take a stand: to judge or to allow, to be involved or to keep out. War can also be viewed as a road with the possibility to introduce more Love into this world, by giving you are chance to affect the group consciousness with you mastered feelings. But more often than not, the result of a war is destructive and it takes a long time to balance the effects of war in group consciousness.

When you have fulfilled your life agreement in learning your lessons and aiding others in theirs according to your Soul Plan, you leave the Earth experience. You call that event Death.

Death is the exit gate, the point where you as Soul now disconnect yourself from your physical body, as immaculate and perfect as you have always been in reality, without vibrations of polarity. The memories of the physical experience are saved by you as Soul, and the Earth takes back the earthly house of your Soul, to produce yet more life forms for the benefit of One.

After the physical Death, you evaluate your experiences and knowledge as Soul. Maybe you then come back for new experiences, or move forward in your evolution, leaving the Earth experience temporarily or permanently. You may want to come back later, as Earth is a fascinating world for Souls to experience. There are already six billion Sons and Daughters of mine on this Earth awaiting to experience the shift of Earth which is a unique experience in all universe and for all Souls.

In a sense, there is no Birth and there is no Death. There is only constant change making learning possible through evolution. Change is information. Birth and Death are information points. Birth is when the Soul Plan is put into practice. Death is when the life information is assessed and the Soul’s plan is updated.

Was the Soul able to choose higher alternatives? Was a Soul able to reach beyond the physical limits? Did the Soul find the connection to its real self through Heart? Did the Soul find the unity between other Sons and Daughters, and the Earth itself? Was the Soul able to transform fears into Trust, hate into Love? Which were the points when the Soul chose a lower alternative? Is there need to practice that situation in another life?

The original plan was to live in Paradise and to develop the mastery of high values even higher. Now the physical life has become a journey back to what it was in the beginning: the Fe-Man becoming my living Son and Daughter, without separation. The pattern is the same throughout universe. From One it all began, back to One we all travel. On Earth, from God it all begun, back to God you all travel.

Birth and Death are essential providers of evolution. They are a natural part of life on Earth, and not to be feared of. Both are gateways between the physical world and the non-physical world, between the world of polarity and the world of Allowing Love, between the reflection of yourself and your true self.

Typically, Joy is adhered to Birth and sadness to Death. Maybe, if you are ready, you could try adhering the feeling of Gratitude to both. Explore your Heart and see what the Truth is for you at this point of your evolution.


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