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Symbols to Enhance Vibration

Everything is energy. Energy is vibration. Vibration is information.

Your body is an electromagnetic vehicle created for life on Earth, housing your mind that has the possibility to connect to higher vibrations of yourself through your Heart. Every form and shape is information. Everything you see shows you the Truth if only you open yourself to see it.

As every form and shape is information, I am offering you three symbols that you may find useful when preparing yourself for your personal change of vibration. Vibrations in the forms of various symbols have been used throughout the Fe-Mankind’s evolution. Some of them have been kept hidden, to be used only by a limited number of people, by choice of the people who received them, to keep the vibrations pure. Some symbols are widely used, such as the Christian Cross as the symbol of unification of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in other words, your connection to me through your Heart.

All forms are vibrating energy and bear an effect. You can use the three symbols introduced here while praying, meditating or healing to intentionally enhance your vibration.

If you are praying for someone else, please remember that each Fe-Man has his or her own Soul Plan and free will. Some instances of you have chosen to travel a certain path with destined learnings, and while on Earth, they may choose differently. Please have the courtesy of respecting their free will by allowing them to experience just as they have chosen, but offer them your wisdom in Allowing Love if they so wish.

The first form enhances Protection. It increases the Light within and outside you, beyond the limits of your physical body. When thinking of this form, it brings focus to your inner balance and protects you against outside influences, providing you inner peace. You can use this vibration when beginning to pray, meditate or before going to sleep. Imagine the form in the color of golden yellow to further enhance the vibration. The circle winding inwards makes you focused on your essence, thus strengthening it.


The second form enhances Healing. It aids you to concentrate your healing thoughts and feelings to one point, whether it be yourself, another person, an animal, the Earth or whatever you wish to heal with Love. The two lines represent your conscious and subconscious, the latter being longer as your subconscious is larger than your conscious. Your subconscious connects to all that exists so there is much power in it. The enhancing color of this form is green.


The third form enhances Allowing Love through unity. It connects Fe-Man to God through Soul. Use this symbol to search your Heart, or when you want higher guidance. You can also use it when praying or meditating, to surround yourself with Love towards yourself and to extend it to all that exists around you. The enhancing color of this form is white.


The upper corner is your Soul, the lower corned is your physical existence, and the connecting corner is your Heart. Or, taking it to another level, the upper corner is me, your Creator, the lower one you, and in the middle the Holy Connection. All is in place to assist you to open your Heart. The enhancing color of this form is white.


You can use these forms to enhance your vibration in any situation that you wish. If you feel uncomfortable with using symbols of any kind, simply do not use them. Instead and in addition, start looking around for other means to enhance your vibration: colors, sounds, scents, anything and everything that the Earth Creation offers you. It was all created for your benefit.

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