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Soul in You

I created only one child: human divided into man and woman to concord with the duality of existence, Light and Darkness, Yin and Yang; perfect in themselves but complete only together. The vibrations related to them carry the meaning ‘man + material’ and ‘female + fertility’. They show you the natural directions to create as human. Once a man accepts his manhood, he can more easily connect to the Yang energy that reaches out and creates on the outside, altering stability. Once a woman accepts her womanhood, she can more easily connect to the Yin energy that develops and creates on the inside, providing stability.

Sometimes you as Soul choose to experience both manifestations of Fe-Man during your evolution to gain a deeper knowledge of yourself, sometimes during one single lifetime. The result is an enhanced learning experience because the challenges are high, both personally and reflected from the environment, until you reach your balance: first within, then with your relationships and your environment.

The Child is the most importation co-creation of Fe-Men. The Soul connects with the physical Child at birth, when the Child's Heart is mature and fully open for Love. The period of time that a Fe-Man spends as Child is long compared to other living kinds. You pass on so much information to the next chain of your evolution that it may take decades for the Child to form and determine his or her identity and position in the totality, which gives the Child the power to seek answers from within to ultimately to re-open his or her Heart. Typically a person reaches this maturity in midlife or in old age.

The most important gift you can offer the Child is values, Allowing Love being the highest one. Allowing Love guides and supports but does not force or push. Allowing Love lets the Child be the unique person that he or she is and grow into the beautiful and perfect Fe-Man that he or she was at birth. This enables the road to Paradise, inner and outer balance in Allowing Love, through the Heart. The Child’s Heart is open at birth; it is the pursuit of material gain in polarity that shrinks the Portal of Heart and maybe totally closes it. With Allowing Love, parents and educators can maintain and support the openness of the Child’s Heart, by taking Loving care of the Child in his or her journey towards ever higher values.

It is sad that polarity took you so far away from your essence. It is sad that the focus of higher values, the ones that you can only master with your Heart, is not highlighted in most current societies. Religions and life philosophies offer the teaching of values, but they, too, have been affected by polarity.

Every Fe-Man on the Earth is created equal but how often do you feel this be true in your Heart? How often do you accept another Fe-Man's thoughts and feelings without preconditioned prejudice or judgement, allowing them their opinions as they are? How often can you look at your neighbor's Child and feel pure Love towards that Child, as if the Child was your own?

I am just telling you how things are. I am not putting bias in this information. I Love you, that is all. If you feel that I am telling you that you have done something wrong, that is you judging yourself. Look at the questions above again. Re-read them as they are, clean of judgement, and you will see them just as questions without a suggested answer. Do try to step out from your temptation to judge, to put charged labels on all things. You may be practicing stepping out already, or may have completed it altogether, in which case I warmly congratulate you for your conscious evolution. I know evolving is challenging. That is why I am offering you my help.

The present time in the evolution of Fe-Mankind is an era of invention showing the emphasis on creating on the outside, Yang energy, Darkness. You have created all kinds of methods and media to entertain you in your separation and to reach out for one another without personal connection, and forgotten how it was in the beginning. You did not need an external gadget to reach a Loved one; you were connected through your feelings, your minds. You did not need fear-based programs to “inform” and “entertain” you through external equipment all night and day; you were in control of your being. You did not excessively manipulate and contaminate your food before eating it; you enjoyed the gift of Creation in its pure state with respect, feeling its life force replenish you at every meal.

In the present time, you are filling all Earth with vibrations that distort your own connection to your Heart, and vibrations that also disturb the Earth itself. Your Soul, I and Ang-els will be helping you in many ways, but over-stand that you truly are the only one to make the change happen. What is on the inside, changes that what is on the outside. There is only one that needs to change: you. We are all One.

Adult Fe-Man, unless in later stages of Soul development, will find it challenging to find the way to Love in the present time, but I am helping you all the way if you permit. In turn, I wish that you support every Child around you. Love Children without conditions. Allow them to stay innocent as long as possible. Teach them values as best you can. The Innocent Child is you in a new beginning, your future. The innocent Child is One.

You can connect your Loving feelings to the group consciousness by praying or meditating and support the evolution of Fe-Mankind in that way. When you Love all that exists, the Child inside and outside of you will gain strength to open the door to Paradise for all Fe-Mankind. The Child is in your Heart. The Child is free. When Trust and Faith enters your being, just as if you were a Child again, you open your Heart.

When you have built enough of inner strength, you may consider taking care of the sick, the lonely, and the ones that have let negative polarities become dominant in their existence, as best you can. This will raise your own vibration as well as others’. Sometimes a Soul takes several lessons during one lifetime and then, quite often, would truly appreciate the help of another Soul.

Instead of looking inside, where the pain is, telling you exactly what you need to hear, you quite often numb yourself with intoxicating substances, to avoid the experience of growing. Numbing yourself prevents you living fully in the moment and embracing the learning opportunities coming your way.

Sometimes, you choose to have the pain cut away from you through some clinical operation or surgery, because you have forgotten how to heal yourself. This is perfectly acceptable but take it as a sign that you also need to do something. You are your best healer, not medication or surgery.

Over-stand that all Creation heals: water, air, minerals, plants, scents, music, numbers, words, colors and most of all, Love. First and foremost, you heal, with your feelings and emotions. You have the capability to heal yourself and others just by Allowing yourself and others be as they are and extending your Love to embrace yourself and others. Allowing Love is the most efficient medicine on Earth.


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