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Soul Evolution

The evolution of Soul has many stages. The path to evolve from the One back to One is to begin as a Spirit in a form that has the most limited perception on Earth or some other world: water, mineral, air, or an equivalent element. Then, on Earth, the Spirit continues evolving via flora to fauna. In some form or another, you will have already passed these stages, maybe in another world, since you are reading this text. You are not initially born into existence as Soul, but you evolve into one.

You are a Soul evolving through Earth experience. Some Souls have evolved in other worlds before coming to Earth, carrying that knowledge in your Soul consciousness. Some Souls are only now starting to experience the Earth as Fe-Man.

The last stage on this Earth is to exist as a Soul experiencing as Fe-Man: a man that naturally creates on the outside or a woman that naturally creates on the inside. As Fe-Man, you start mastering the lessons to learn. When you master them, you have the powers of Light and Darkness, Yin and Yang, in balance.

When you master your Earth lessons, you are ready for another phase in evolution. Maybe you choose to continue evolving as a Soul in some other world, maybe you want to start helping the living ones as an Ang-el, or maybe you want to start creating new worlds as a New God.

Everything you perceive is alive. Every part of Creation has a spirit of life in it. Nothing exists without life within. No creation is higher or lower than another, all and everything is ultimately serving the same purpose.

Life is in everything. In the beginning, when I established my connection to you, you were a member of this knowledge and you Loved and respected all Creation; all Spirits experiencing the Earth. Then you started introducing polarity in your experience. You went as far as to worship your own negative creation in the collective consciousness, the Evil, in Earth’s polarity. You have done a lot of work to disconnect yourself from your Heart. I am reaching out to you now, to wake you up, to make you over-stand that we need to re-connect.

Every rock, every tree, every flower and every grain of sand is alive. There is a spirit experiencing something for the good of One. You may think that it is a long time for a Spirit to experience, for example, as a stone? Think again. In reality there is no time, only evolution. One seeks to know all aspects of itself so what is one billion years in eternity? Just a blink of the eye, or maybe even a fraction of it.

Over-stand your knowledge. You know all the answers to all the questions that you never asked. Allow yourself to find the questions as they are more important than the answers. The answers are already there. It is the question that leads you to the awaiting answer.

Go back in time when you were first connected to me as Fe-Man, when I declared you my Son and Daughter. You knew the plan of life then. You always carry the key in your Heart to open yourself to the knowledge that you had then.

You have a group consciousness. Use it consciously. Allow yourself to connect to it. Ask your guiding Ang-els to assist you. Ang-els are only waiting for your request to be able to help you. The learnings of all my Sons and Daughters, all of the Fe-Mankind, are in that group consciousness. Take the information and over-stand who you are.

Why right now?

Because the Earth is shifting to another cycle, the next level of its existence. The Earth has already experienced the current level. You also need to change your vibration to be able to follow it. This is all according to the Earth Plan.

You have a free will. Take some time for thinking now and let me help you. All you need to do is to ask and look into your Heart for the answer. I am there. I will never force you to ask a single question because of the free will that I gave you to allow you fully experience and express yourself. But when you do want to ask, you will find the answer.

Many areas of the Earth are already vibrating at a higher level. Therefore, it would be good for you to start adding fresh fruit, vegetables, berries and grains into your diet, if they are not part of it yet, as the flora is always in tune with the Earth’s vibration. Food preserved years ago in cans cannot supply you with the energy that you need now, in preparation for the change of your own vibration.

Co-operate with the Earth. The Earth can offer you the best possible energy to sustain your physical existence and to help you through the change. Now, more than ever, this Native-American proverb is actual: take care of the Earth and the Earth will take care of you.


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