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Loving and Hating

Your highest goal is to find your way to Love that Allows beyond your reasoning. You will find your way through a unique journey that no-one else can fully share because you are the only one who can occupy your physical space in the linear time line on Earth. You will have members of your Soul family assisting you, members of other Soul families challenging you, and maybe, in this life time, you have decided to share some of your journey with your Soul Love.

People around you are acting like mirrors. When you feel afraid, they will portray your very fears right back at you. When you are angry, anger is what you will most often receive. It is not only the low vibration feelings that cause the mirror effect. When you Love, you are Loved by everyone you radiate that Love to, even by Nature. Maybe you can remember the feeling of being in Love, when nothing outside of you could have altered your good feeling. You may have felt that you were surrounded and protected by that Love. Yes, you were. Love protects, and it was you who chose to awaken and remain in that protective feeling that could not be penetrated from the outside. Ultimately, you choose to experience all your feelings.

Imagine that you are in an octagonal room, with eight walls of mirror surrounding you. Imagine that every mirror reflects the image of someone close to you, your dearest “friends” and “enemies”. Look into the mirrors. Imagine that you feel great Love and see who you are looking at in a mirror. Now imagine that you feel anger. How many mirrors are you looking at now, in turns? Imagine that you feel remorse. Are you looking at someone now?

The mirrors reflect you what you are giving them. The reflected emotion is not always exactly the same that you give them, but it will be something related to it, if the person is playing the game of mirrors. Not everyone is playing the game. Imagine, for example, Yesu’s image in one of the mirrors. Whatever you reflect to him, he responds with guidance and Allowing Love, no matter how you feel. Imagine Siddharta Gautama’s image in a mirror. No matter what you transmit to him through your feelings, he responds with guidance and the Light of Wisdom. The higher you evolve, the more aware you become of the game of mirrors.

Your journey in this world is just as challenging as you have determined it to be before coming to Earth. You may have chosen to try to master many life lessons during one lifetime, or very few. It was you who made your Soul Plan for yourself at the Soul level. If you can assume full responsibility over your own life while you are still fulfilling it, you are better equipped to succeed in mastering yourself.

When you feel out of balance, it is only human to reflect it to others. It shows on your face, your posture, your words, and your vibration felt at the subconscious level by everything around you. When you feel balanced, the effect is similar. The world responds to your feelings, your vibration, and reflects it back to you. Your assignment is to master your feelings, your vibration.

You cannot hurt me by feeling hate, envy, jealousy or anything alike. Instead of directing these feelings to another human being, another you, direct them to me, your Creator. I made it possible for you to experience these feelings through Creation. Use your free will to use me as the target of your unwanted feelings until you learn to master them within yourself. I will not reflect these feelings back at you because I only Love you. When you are hurt in any way, imagine me in front of you and direct your low vibration feelings at me. I will only reflect Love back to you.

You came to this world to learn many things of yourself, for the good of all, the One. I am always with you and I will help you, but I can do it only if you accept my help. My essence is Love, just as yours is. I over-stand polarity but am not part of it except through you. Accept my help. The rest will unfold in the unique way that is best for you.


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