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Wanting and Needing

You need certain things to sustain your physical life. You need air, water, food, shelter, warmth and sleep. Beyond these, you as part of your society have set yourself various standards for living that you consciously or subconsciously pursue until you take the time to re-evaluate them based on your personal values: education, work, apartment, electrical equipment, clothes, vehicles, hobbies, and maybe even your relationships. Mostly these standards are measurable and they are designed to indicate how well you appear to be doing in your life. At the higher level, you have your Soul Plan that aims at coaching you to evolve through conscious choices. With all these needs and wants in your life, it is good to make a distinction between genuine and artificial wants and needs so that you will be able to focus your effort on what is truly essential to you.

The standards of society often lead you to live much on the outside. Every moment of your day may be filled with action. You may spend your holidays pursuing new experiences instead of relaxing and becoming reacquainted with yourself. You see the material change in the outside world and may want to keep up with it, at whatever cost. You may want ever more, faster, and only the very latest. The more you gather material things around you, the emptier you may become on the inside. In the process, you may become an object yourself.

When was the last time you took the time to think of who you really are, what you truly want in your life, and what are your deepest needs? Many people do not even want to take the time to think about the essence of their life because it is easier to live in the material world where mechanical thinking is enough and the highest value is money. It is easy to comply with the standards set by the society because they already exist. It is easier to follow a ready-made path instead of creating your own.

There is a possibility that you have very little knowledge of who you are in reality. You can measure yourself by the money you make or by the property you own, but how well do you know yourself when all that is on the outside is taken away?

As a humankind, you have already forgotten your abilities to communicate without words, to heal with God’s Love and to communicate with Angels. It is only logical that you may have forgotten who you are.

Start listening to yourself. Every time you hear yourself using the words 'want' and 'need', stop and check if you are using them in their key sense. There are very few things that you need, but there may be a number of things that you want. Look into yourself and think with your Heart. Have you become a machine that performs according to the norms set by a material culture, or is it really you who wants ever more?

This wanting without limits is one symptom of separation which is equal to the concept of sin, a symptom that only you can change and only within yourself. One of the first steps towards healing from separation is to start noticing which words you choose to use in their true sense and which words you choose to misuse.

Words are powerful expressions when their vibration is in line with your true emotions. They carry some power even when you are not speaking them from your Heart. Once you say them, you can never take them back so mind what you say. When you over-stand that the humans are physical manifestations of a higher level of existence, you may over-stand that verbal expressions carrying negative vibrations can hurt just as easily as a physical attack.

If you are involved or working with emotionally imbalanced people, you should pay attention to restoring your balance on a regular basis in order not to become unbalanced yourself. You can learn much about a person’s inner balance just by listening which words they choose to use. A sick healer is not an ideal healer, and if you do not control your emotions, it might be better for you to first heal yourself and then start helping others.

The power of words in your own and in your group consciousness is real. Think, for example, how many changes there have been in words referring to races or occupations. When a word becomes loaded with a low vibration, the society attempts to remedy the situation by replacing it with a new word of neutral or positive vibration.

When you start consciously monitoring yourself, you start defining yourself on the inside, becoming more aware of yourself as a spiritual being experiencing in a material world. Knowing yourself is knowing me.

I know you, my Child. Trust me. When you look into your Heart in search for yourself, Trust that you will find me there.


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