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Lessons to Learn on Earth

Any Soul who chooses to experience Earth as Fe-Man, the yin aspect as a woman or the yang aspect as a man, spends the minimum of four lifetimes on Earth to learn lessons and to connect with their true self. This is not a strictly fixed number and you are the only one to decide how many lifetimes you choose to stay on Earth or how many extra lessons you want to master.

A part of you has evolved through various life forms of Earth before experiencing life as Fe-Man. A part of you has come from other universes to join me in my evolution through the Earth Creation. A part of you has already lived a thousand lives on Earth out of the mere Joy of experiencing it, inventing ever new lessons to learn for each life time. Imagine all the information, knowledge and wisdom that you have gained for yourself and for One as Fe-Man.

The tree basic lessons for a Soul to learn as Fe-Man look simple at first glance: to be willing to give more than you receive, to appreciate what you have before you lose it, and to Allow with Love without judging. These lessons are not easy to master in Earth’s polarity. Many Souls spend numerous lifetimes on Earth practicing just them.

Some Souls choose to come back to Earth after they have mastered the basic lessons, and for them there are the additional eight lessons to learn, and as many more as the Soul chooses to experience. The last and most profound lesson is to give up your free will for the good of All, after which you start creating your highest possible life path in full guidance of your Soul, Ang-els, Light and me. You become One with All, gaining access to universal information through your wider and new senses.

After you master the last lesson you become purified from all the low vibrations that you have ever collected into your Soul consciousness, and you become a Living Way of Love.

You become truly free, living in the Light of Love and the Light of Love living in you, while still experiencing through your physical body. Light enters your Heart and you can sense beyond your physical existence. You can access knowledge at various levels of existence. You can consciously create your own life and choose your own reality on Earth. Everything is possible because you have become Living Love.

You can start creating the Paradise that once was lost, first on the inside. That done, the outside will adapt itself to match your inside. The outside is your appearance, your surroundings, your finance, the people around you, and anything and everything that can be sensed or “happens” in your life.

The rewards will exceed your expectations even though your focus will have shifted from material to spiritual. Because you have obtained a higher level of existence on Earth, your values have evolved to the highest ones. Therefore the rewards will also be higher ones, beyond what money can ever buy.

When you are at ease with whom you have evolved into, you will often want to start guiding and helping others towards the same experience of becoming totally free in Allowing Love. You may become a healer, a guide or a conscious channel of Light into the Earth level to balance vibrations. You become strong enough to face all the pain created on Earth, and to use your wisdom to solve issues beyond your experiences. You become the balanced Light and Darkness and form a solid ground for chaos to become controlled, no matter what the situation or circumstances. Nothing can break you, nothing will even try. It would be pointless because the trial would only consume the energy of the opponent and give you a chance to further strengthen your balance.

This is why you came to Earth. To find your way back to unity, to re-member with me and the Light of Love, to become the highest vibration that can exist on Earth in a physical form, to become who you truly are: Creator.


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