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Your Dream Work

Dream work is the work that you do when you are sleeping or experiencing in meditation, which is sometimes called lucid dream. Dream work is where the sub-conscious part of your center of physical existence, the brain, functions together with the center of your non-physical existence, your Heart, often connecting to your Soul and group consciousness.

In sleep you process your daily events, and store the results in your subconsciousness. You may want to experiment a certain life situation again, creating it as a dream, possibly trying out a new outcome.

You create your dreams. They do not come from some mysterious place. With practice, you can start controlling and directing your dreams.

Dream work is a good tool for processing all feelings, fears in particular. Fears are anticipation of the result of future events that you have created for yourself, and offer a powerful ally on your way to mastering yourself. A fear can tell you that there is a lesson to learn and a circle to close. Having a bad dream or a nightmare indicates that you have identified and are ready to deal with a specific fear. It may be somewhere so deep that when you are awake, you are unaware of its origin or that it even exists. You may have created the fear in some past life, but were unable then to master it and close the circle.

Whenever you have a bad dream, look inside of yourself and try to find the root cause. You are helped by higher existences such as you as Soul and by Ang-els. Once you master the fear, it will not manifest itself again in your life or in your dreams. You will have learned your lesson, and you notice that you make yourself freer to lead your life.

When you advance in your Soul development, you can start helping others master their fears by working together with them. You can do this by processing the fear through mutual talks, by sending them Love energy through your prayers, or by working with them in dreams.

There is no need for fear because fears do not exist in reality. All fears have been created by you in polarity; therefore you can also let them go by facing them and processing them. Fear is just vibration like everything else. It is only you who gives it a form and charges it with your energy, making space for it to become part of your life. When you master your fears and over-stand that they do not exist in reality beyond yourself, you become balanced and Light can enter your being. Light is the feeling of Allowing Love that no negative vibration can penetrate.

Courage to face your fears is a strong indicator that you are ready to over-stand who you truly are: a Soul experiencing the Earth, wanting to establish a living connection to me via the bridge of Love during the physical life time. Your goal is to become the Living Son or Daughter of mine, to become the conscious physical part of me, your Creator, experiencing the Earth.

Sleeping is one of your in-built healing mechanisms. You can practice the use of it by thinking of what you want to heal in yourself, for example a specific fear that you harbor, before you go to sleep and asking for the Soul level of you and Ang-els to guide you through it. Anything you encounter in your dreams is your own fabrication, brought to you by yourself to give you a chance to choose a higher alternative or to over-stand something about yourself. You own your dreams and have the ability to control them and learn from them.



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