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Your Conscious Work

Learning takes place within you, not outside. You do also learn by doing things, but if you do not make conscious choices, you do not learn. You perceive the world around you through your senses. If you are not there to observe and process whatever takes place, information is not received and learning does not take place. If a tree falls in a wood and you not there to hear it, there is no sound because there is no-one to receive the information and to interpret it as sound.

If you concentrate on following crimes, accidents, wars and violent acts abundantly displayed in the media, they become your reality and you may become frightened of living your life freely. You become imprisoned by your own fears. But if you rather pay attention to seeing the beauty in your everyday life, the design of flowers, the sound of music or the tranquillity of a quiet moment, this becomes your reality and because fear does not dominate your life, you live your life with a welcoming attitude, free. You choose your own reality, every moment of the day.

Learning is your work in the Earth experience. You learn to attain a higher vibration. When you learn, everyone learns, because you take your learning to the group consciousness. Your goal is to evolve into a higher vibration being. The feelings you allow yourself experience determine your vibration. The more you vibrate positive feelings such as Love, Trust, Joy, Forgiveness and Gratitude, the higher your natural vibration. Negative feelings such as fear, anger, contempt, envy, intolerance and blame lower your natural vibration and you are more likely to suffer from various types of acute and slowly developing illnesses. You are what you feel. Therefore it is important for you to learn to process your feelings and to transform any negative ones into neutral or positive.

Your primary goal on Earth is to learn, your secondary goal is to support others in their learning. You can, for example, share your learnings with others and so support them in their lives, but Allow them the space and possibility to learn by themselves, because every road is different and every Earth experience is unique.

Individuals move in cycles, repeating patterns until they break themselves free from them; when they are ready to choose differently. Many people spend time on experiencing extremes of Love and hate, moving from one relationship to another, until they are ready to close the circle of their feelings. Interfering with their choices by telling them that they are wrong would be interfering with their free will. Offer advice with grace when asked and respect the other persons’ unique learning route and their right to accept or reject your advice.

One of the tasks of Ang-els is to direct you to your real work, the work on your spiritual evolution. When the time is right, something "happens" to allow you to break away from your daily routines and start working on yourself. You may be laid off from work, someone close to you may leave the Earth experience, you may fall ill or have an accident, or you may fall in love. These major things take place to trigger something inside of you, to allow you to stop and experience your deepest feelings in peace.

Major learning points are determined in your Soul Plan. They come when you are ready. They are the reason why you came on Earth in the first place, so welcome them as opportunities rather than treat them as threats to be avoided at all cost.

Mastering your feelings is the key to your Soul development, the key that turns your vibration and frequency higher. Love, Joy and Happiness are very high vibration feelings. You create them by yourself, within yourself. They do not come from the outside of your being. It is you who feels and it is you who chooses what to feel.

You can create high vibration feelings regardless of what happens on the outside. You have the ability to create a constant feeling of balanced content just by practicing it. Once you master your feelings, you can start creating the Paradise within yourself. That done, your environment will start adapting to your vibration. This is a law of evolution. When one person raises his or her vibration, others naturally try to follow. This law you are already familiar with from acoustics.

It is you who creates the Paradise. What is on the inside becomes what is on the outside. By becoming aware of your feelings and training yourself to transform them into neutral or positive, you become an oasis of peace offering a solid building ground for Paradise.


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