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Fine words butter no UFFOs


You, my Child, are the key to everything. You have never been alone. You will never be alone. I am in you and Love is in you. Re-member.

You are vibration. Vibration is energy. Energy is change. Change is information. You resonate with others who have the same or higher vibration. Vibration indicates the level of your Soul’s evolution. When you meet a person who uplifts your spirit, the person vibrates close to your level. If someone leaves you feeling drained and empty, the person vibrates at a lower level, either temporarily or continuously. You may have noticed that it is easy for you to communicate with some people and difficult with others. The information level that you share, your level of vibration, explains why.

You have wanted to experience so much. Polarity added more possibilities to experience. By allowing it, we are gathering more knowledge for One. In Earth’s polarity you created envy, jealousy, greed, and many other lower vibration feelings, and formed a group name for this negative polarity: sin.

There is no sin created by me. You separated yourself from me in polarity. Sin is the expression you created to describe this Heavenly separation. Think about it: when you “sin”, you move away from your Heart and separate yourself from who you truly are. When you remove the negative charge attached to the word ‘sin’, it merely means moving away from your true self.

Polarity took you so far away from me. You started wars, you killed your kind, you wanted everything for yourself, in isolation and separation. You moved the focus from your inner tranquillity to outer chaos. You used your free will to forget about who you are, and not to evolve. My Creation became dominated by Darkness.

I had created the Earth. I had created the Air, the Water, the Minerals, the Living on the Earth. Now you were destroying the Earth. I asked other Gods to help. They gave me Light Bringers from other worlds and dimensions.

Some Sons and Daughters of mine also took upon the task of bringing Light into the Earth. They practiced in silence, re-membering themselves with the knowledge, learning to control energies in various forms and vibrations, to move without moving, to speak without talking, to see with their eyes closed, to heal without touching, to stabilize polarity, and ultimately, to ignite the Seed of Love in my Sons’ and Daughters’ Hearts.

Many people who had given themselves to Darkness wanted to stop the work of Light Bringers. They started a war against them, against me, against themselves. The last war on Earth to re-introduce balance between Light and Darkness for life to be possible was fought 7800 years ago, and it gave birth to a rich northern culture that can still be traced back to the oral and later written information of Kalevala and northern sagas. Even in the present day, the language of this old Fennic culture conveys vibrations that tell about the times almost 8000 years ago. Very much of your spiritual origin and evolution can still be found by studying old languages.

The Light Bringers and their successors were able to introduce Light and maintain polarity for a long time, and from time to time I sent highly evolved Souls to reinforce the Seed of Love in the your Heart.

Again, the time has come to bring in more Light to enable you move on to the next phase of evolution. The present time is one of the darkest eras in Earth’s evolution. Could you, today, create the Paradise even if given all the power of God? How deep within you have you hidden Allowing Love, Joy and Happiness, your original emotions? Are you living in harmony with Nature and your Brothers and Sisters?

You may have already felt the yearning for a revived connection and been looking for me in churches, spiritual texts and life philosophies. Yet, I seem to be just beyond your grasp. And all this while, I have remained in your Heart and the Truth has been visible to you in all of my Creation.

Maybe it is your Creation that is making it so difficult for you to see the Truth, or even making you forget the search altogether. Maybe you are using up your time playing the distracting game of money, technology and entertainment. Maybe you just got lost in the maze of polarity.

You are an important part of Earth’s evolution. What you choose to feel daily affects the totality of vibration. When you choose to judge what is happening around you, you increase the negative charge. When you choose to Accept the world and Allow it be as it is, you neutralize charge. When you Bless all that happens in the world, over-standing that it may serve a higher purpose even though you cannot over-stand it, you stabilize polarity and increase positive vibration on Earth. Trust that if you knew everything, you would Accept events as they unfold.

In Christianity, God is regarded as Trinity formed of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Over-stand that when you open your Heart and connect with me, we become the One God of you, me and our Living Connection of Love. Your life is extremely valuable because of your immense potential.


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