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Yesu on Earth

You needed guidance and were often seeking for it. Yesu was the answer.

Yesu exists at the "la" level here in my dimension. I asked him to help us and he graciously accepted. He became a Son of mine, your Brother, sent to the Earth to remind you of who you are and how you can find the connection back to your essence, to me, to the One that we are.

He chose his Mother and Father for his Earth experience. Ma and Yasif both received information of their role as Yesu's parents. This was a task that they had accepted at Soul level prior to their birth on Earth.

Ang-els were celebrating when Yesu was born because Hope of Light was born. Every instance of me on Earth, that is, every Son and Daughter of mine, has at least one Ang-el at all times at their service, most of the time there are many. I created Earth Ang-els by separating them from my energy to work for me at vibration levels that are close to your own, to enable them to help you on your mission on Earth. Vibrations bear great importance. Like other Masters, Yesu also reminded you of not eating the highest level of animal flesh because their vibration is close to your own and can lower your vibration. All animals that are able to show feelings, you can tame, or who can respond to their name are close to you in the cycle of evolution and should not be eaten by you.

Yesu was able to connect to the vibration level of God when he was twelve years old. This is when he started his spiritual training as he re-membered with his purpose on Earth. Until that point he was just like any other Child, determining himself in connection with other Sons and Daughters, to learn about the Fe-Mankind to be able to serve it the best way possible.

At the age of 12 he started disciplined training with his guiding Ang-els. He spent his time learning, awake and asleep. At the age of 18 he was trained in certain Ang-el arts and the use of God's power through Heart. Being connected to my power, he only needed to re-member how to use it, just as you need to do.

Ang-els guarded him off from the surges of polarity as tightly as they could. He led a life suitable for my Son. He lived and loved, prayed and meditated, and learned until the day came for him to start completing his purpose to show you the way of Allowing Love. It is as simple as that. With Allowing Love comes all.

Yesu made his teachings simple. He used everyday words and expressions to make his lessons clear. He became the Living Path for others to follow. He collected 38 disciples with various tasks to conduct while he was with them and after he would be gone. Some stayed with him for years, some started their work right after their Hearts had opened for the Truth about Love.

He selected the core disciples to whom he gave all the required information, and taught the lessons to teach to others. They traveled in cities and rural areas sharing their information with others who would listen, and spent long hours talking about the Earth and the Universe, and about who you are and who I am. Most of all, they studied Allowing Love and gradually, the disciples learned.

Yesu gave his life for Allowing Love, becoming the Living Way to Love himself. If someone attacked him, he would let it happen, for the benefit of the other to change their vibration. If someone hit him, he would turn the other cheek because he knew that it would be the best gift he could ever give to another; a possibility to re-evaluate and re-balance their values, to change their vibration.

When you respond to hate with hate, there is no evolution. When you respond to hate with Love, you make room for change. When you respond to Love with Love, anything is possible. Expressed in another way, HATE+HATE=0, HATE+LOVE= 1, LOVE+LOVE=2. Now you see the possibility that reacting to hate with Love creates for change. Hate does not have the same power that Love does because hate does not exist outside the Fe-Man mind, whereas Love does. Hate is a low vibration feeling in itself incapable of evolution beyond Earth.

Yesu told you how much I Love you and how much I care for you. He called me Father, because he had made the living connection to me. I am your Parent, my Son and Daughter. Find the Truth in your Heart. I love you, as I loved Yesu. Deep in your Heart, you are now Yesu, my Child.

He told you that you do not have to worry about anything. He told you that you create your own fears. He told you to Love one another like you Love yourself, because we are all One.

He showed you God's power of Love. He healed with God's Love. He made abundance of what little he received. He was able to connect with all levels of Creation and co-operate with it for the purpose of Love. He gave away his own life on Earth to create a gateway for you to be able to connect with me. He became Love while living on Earth as my Son.

The gateway still exists and you can find it in your Heart. We might call the co-ordinates to the gateway “33”. By being able to forgive the Fe-Mankind everything in his Heart while experiencing the culmination of all world’s pain, he was able to create an anchor point, totally void of anything except Allowing Love. When the number 33 appears in your life, it is a signal for you to re-connect with Allowing Love.

The anchor point and the gateway to the connection between below and above is in your Heart. Study yourself and study your Heart, your essence. Trust that it will be open for you when you are ready. It was made with pure Love. You carry the most precious treasure in your Heart, the gate to Paradise on Earth for you to experience.


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