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Don't look a gift UFFO in the mouth


When I breathed my Spirit into you, you became aware that you are the Son and Daughter of God. The connection allowed you to over-stand higher vibrations that you call values. You realized your relationship with me, the Creation and One.

Gradually, Earth's electromagnetism started affecting your values. As the Earth has the North Pole and the South Pole, so did your values start becoming bipolar. What once was the golden middle way of content, spread into a variety of feelings between altruism and greed. What once was the golden middle way of Allowing Love, spread into a variety of feelings between obsessive love and hate. You started feeling the polarity in all aspects of your life. As you proceeded to experience the positive and negative extremes, just because they were so new and tempting to you, you started letting go of your connection to me as well, so soon.

The Plan was to have a Paradise for my Sons and Daughters, and now I saw you turning the Earth into a battlefield of polarity. You are still trying to find the initial connection to me that you lost so near to the beginning of our connection. Please over-stand this, my Son and Daughter: there is only one Child that I created as my image on Earth. You are that Child. You are part of me. Our consciousness is one once you re-open your Heart for the connection.

You may think that I have created billions of instances of myself on this Earth, but no. Each one of you is part of the other who is part of me. You are all part of one another, and you are all part of me. You stem from the same Seed of Life and the same Breath of my Spirit. You are six billion instances of the one Child. You are alive as six billion human beings, ever more multiplying yourself in your quest for the spiritual connection that you are unable to establish. In reality, we have never been separated. The polarity of Earth and your limited senses make you blind for reality. You multiply yourself to pass on your task to the next generation, a renewed you.

I created you as my image. You are still my image, only now you are unable to look into the mirror that you have in your Heart. Once you open your Heart and look into the mirror, the mirror reflects my image and, once again, a living connection is established between you and me. My Spirit becomes alive in you. Then you know who you truly are, and what is below becomes what is above.

Several times I have interfered with your life on Earth by choosing your reproductions less affected by polarity and its invitation to experience extremes, to renew the connection between us, to make it possible for you to once again pursue Allowing Love in Paradise.

Earth’s polarity affected you time after time, and it started also affecting me through you. I began to see things in the Earth’s way. I started learning from polarity. When you evolved, I evolved. I started learning of Light and Darkness in a way yet unfamiliar to me through you experiencing polarity on Earth.

I felt every fear that you ever experienced in all your physical instances. I felt every sorrow that you ever sensed. I felt every envious, jealous, greedy thought that you ever reflected. These negatively charged feelings ultimately resulted in you naming these feelings Devil, the Evil.

On Earth level, el expresses a higher vibration that you often relate to, for example, Ang-els. By adding the vibration of vi, expressing ‘we’ in the middle, you showed separating the good by yourself. Every word in every language carries a meaning beyond the one defined in a dictionary. You can find the meaning when you study the word with your Heart rather than with your rationale.

The Evil was all that you were ever afraid of. It was anything and everything that you ever feared, you right there in the middle of it. In some religious texts you even urged yourself to fear God. It is not the fear of God you really mean. It is the fear of yourself on Earth, because you are God’s Image, and ultimately my power is your power. Subconsciously you fear my power because you are so uncertain of your ability to use it for higher purposes. Would you endow the power of Creation that can be reversibly used for Destruction, to every instance of you on Earth? Would you even endow it to the part of your consciousness who is reading this text, to yourself?

When you think about it, you may agree that the deepest fear you have is of yourself. You need to overcome all your fears and replace them with Trust and Faith to open your Heart. The Devil does not exist outside of you. You are your own Devil that you need to conquer. Once you do it, you will let go of it and it will cease to exist. As Fe-Mankind that is six billion instances of yourself, you have now experienced all fears, over and over again, so you can let them go now.

This is so important that I will explain it in another way to make it clear to you, my Child, as Truth will set you free in a much larger sense that you are aware of. In the Bible where Creation is explained using metaphors and parables, Lucifer is told to be an anointed Ang-el. He was told to have been cast down from Heaven to Earth because of iniquity, lack of high values, found in him. He wanted to become higher than God, his Creator.

Lucifer means Light Bringer. His essence was Light. In the parable describing Eden, in Genesis of Old Testament, Lucifer refers to you, my Child, becoming affected by polarity. I had created you as my one image on Earth, manifesting as Husband and Wife, yin and yang, finding unity in togetherness, establishing fulfillment in the reunion of the two aspects of yourself.

Our connection was alive, I was real in you. You could sense me and communicate with me. Your Heart was open, and while you were experiencing the Earth, you were also conscious of yourself in Heaven, the level where I exist with your Soul aspect, the spiritual consciousness of you that gets ever more fractured as you reproduce.

Polarity distorted your values and broke our connection. This is what casting Lucifer out from Heaven to Earth means: our live connection was broken. It is also said that one third of Ang-els followed him to Earth as demons to torture my Sons and Daughters. This is also metaphorical and refers to the fears that you introduced and are right now overcoming on your way back to the living connection with me.

The only “fallen Ang-el” that has ever existed is you and the falling describes the breakage of the live connection between the lower and the higher. By over-standing this piece of information you can set yourself free of all your evils, demons, or whatever external hostile entity you have ever created and feared. They do not exist in reality. You have created them so it is you who can make them extinct.

I am helping you, you can trust on it. This book is one tool to aid you. I will approach you in many other ways as well, to reach out for you. I could as easily wipe out the whole Earth and start again, but I choose not to. Not this time, because I know how close you are to the connection.

Of all the advice I have ever given you, you may want to hold on to this, as it is the most important one in the current times: do not judge. Judging maintains and creates more separation, in other words, more sin. Sin equals separation. Allow the Earth and everything in it, yourself included, be as it is and embrace it with Love, without judging. Just Allow with Love, without judging. This alone is enough to take you to the road leading to Paradise that you were created for.

Again, I am right here to help you overcome anything on your way to the Paradise on Earth. Many Ang-els and Souls from other Creations have taken a role during this time of Earth's existence to help the Earth and you to move on to the next phase of evolution. They are working in silence, balancing their feelings, radiating the Light of Accepting Love from their Hearts, to one day consciously connect to the group consciousness and stabilize the energy of the Fe-Mankind. When that happens, the awareness of the Fe-Mankind will expand and those instances of you who are ready for the new phase of evolution will create the New Earth while still living in it, as conscious parts of your Soul in the physical experience. You are gently invited to take part in this work. The instances of you who are not ready, will enter the Portal of Death and re-member with me.

Yesu, your Brother, came to Earth to remind you of your origin, path and goals. He renewed and strengthened our connection. The Seed of Re-connection is in your Heart.

He, like many other Gods of Light that I have sent for your help, is still with you, through your Heart. He taught you about Love. Remember his teachings? I will remind you of the essence.


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