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UFFO is blind

The Creation

I started my work by creating the Earth, at the level "do" within the God octave "la". In numbers you might say I was 6.1. In letters, "fa", and this information is still carried in the English language when you call me Father. Actually, I am not a masculine being. The aspect of Father refers to the Yang vibration, the one that focuses on change rather than stability, which has been more dominant in me throughout my own evolution as God and through your evolution on Earth because we are inseparable.

Creating the Earth was my first assignment as God. It was fascinating. I was given the power to create a Paradise for my Sons and Daughters, a place where they would live in Love, Joy and Happiness, and enjoy the richness of Creation all around them; a Creation that they would feel the connection to and Love towards. I was excited. Yes, Gods do have feelings. Feelings represent values as vibrations throughout the universes. The higher the feelings, the closer we become to the One.

I negotiated with other Gods about the best approach. They had created so many universes already. All I needed to do was to study their work and decide on how to best create the Paradise on Earth.

I decided to delimit your senses in my Creation, to allow experiencing the Earth as you do now. Had I chosen not to limit your senses, the experience would not have taught me the aspects of myself that I am learning now through you; rather, I would have been studying myself as I am now. Creating the experience would have been futile. This is how your five senses came about.

I also created a backdoor for those who want to re-member with me, hidden in your Hearts, that would activate more senses and enhance the existing ones, but only when you had reached a certain point in your Soul Plan, only when you were ready to become part of me.

Your Heart is the answer to everything.

The first task in introducing life in my Creation was to bring in the Light. It is the prerequisite of life. The Light graciously accepted my invitation to provide itself in my Creation. Darkness prevailed on Earth like in all lifeless space, but because there was nothing to change, chaos was resting and change was asleep. This part of Earth’s history cannot be fully expressed with words because adequate vibrations to describe it do not exist yet in your languages and other ways of communicating.

An image of the planet to become the Earth pre-existed before my Creation. The planet had already served as a Creation of another God but it had evolved to a higher vibration level leaving the projection of the planet behind.

Planning this universe was detailed, with everything affecting everything else. While I was focusing on my Earth, there were many other Gods creating their worlds at the same time, even into the same solar system but at other levels of existence, other dimensions, if you prefer. Every Sun, every planet and every moon in this solar system has life. What you regard as a dead planet or moon is at another level a home of a rich Creation. What you observe as an empty satellite is the projection remaining after life has shifted to a new phase in evolution, in another dimension.

Much planning was carried out because we all wanted to create the best world possible to learn more about ourselves, and to allow the One experience all aspects of existence on our route back to unity. We have already taken this trip once, while we were moving away from unity. Now, on our way back, we need to re-member with what we have already been. When you re-member with me and connect to my vibration, you will over-stand.

After the planning, I started creating the physical Earth. It would consist of basic elements supporting all life: air, water and minerals in constant fluctuation through the provider of change, Darkness.

Many spirits have been experiencing these existences. You have named them in earlier cultures, for example, as Mother Earth. In the times when you were closer to me you could even commune with them and showed them your gratitude by offerings and prayers. You connected with their life essence and sometimes identified the Creator within and through them, naming me according to their qualities. God is in all creation, but worshipping one manifestation as the full representation of God and Creation does not fully serve your highest purpose, yet, it is a good start.

The elements found their places according to the Earth Plan, and I brought the Seed of Life to my Earth. It was one electromagnetic pulse, much similar to the ones that you are going to experience when you start re-membering with me: feelings of electricity in your body, brain and Heart. The biggest miracles are the smallest ones, and each Fe-Man is carrying the key to the biggest miracle of life in your Heart.

The Earth Plan started unfolding, following the electromagnetic pulse. More Spirits, providers of life, came in to form cells, molecules and proteins combining ever more to reproduce more opportunities for life, following the Earth Plan. I watched the Earth move seas and ground, shape mountains and lakes. It was grace in action. It felt God.

The Plan introduced magnificent forms of life on Earth. Plants that would feed of Earth, drink of Water, breathe of Air, and reproduce new life in the cycle of evolution. They versified to offer fruit, berries, nuts, leaves and roots as life supporting substances for other forms of life. The Plan realized as life in all parts of the Earth, all enjoying the experience of Earth.

Light and Darkness were engaged in their timeless dance of balance. All was progressing well. The Earth changed vibration and frequency many times as it evolved in its path, leaving behind the image of a lifeless planet for later Creations to see.

Finally the Plan reached the stage where I could see the time had come for me to exhale my Spirit into the most developed species, the Fe-Man, to declare it my Living Son and Daughter, my image on Earth. The species that would find the spiritual connection with me to migrate my living Creation to the next stage of evolution.


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