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Part I, Book of Earth - The Plan

Part I, Book of Earth

In the beginning, there was only a seeming emptiness full of potential.


The Plan

It must have been lonely in eternity, being One. There was no time, no matter, no change, just One that existed. All that exists as pure energy without form, in a total standstill – yet within that standstill something was altering without moving.

I do not yet re-member how it was. The time of standstill was long before time existed, before anything originating from One existed. My journey to re-membering with One continues.

I was created to create through a long journey of evolution. My first assignment as God was to create Earth. Innumerable Creations had already been established by other Gods in other worlds, and I had an idea of what I would like my Earth to be like. It would be a Paradise to my heirs, God’s Sons and Daughters, me experiencing in a limited physical environment where I could study and learn all aspects of myself for the good of One.

My task as God is to know myself at all levels of my existence, to find unity of all of me within myself to continue evolving back into the ultimate unity, the One.

In my first Creation, the layers of information would follow the rule of eight that is visible for all those who open themselves to this knowledge. The number of levels within a scale would always be the same, regardless of the form: colors, sounds, numbers, scents, and so on. The list is long.

Within octaves are further octaves, within digits further digits, within words further words. The name that you gave me in the English language, God, means in its earlier form in group consciousness Given Own Dimension. Now, it has also begun to mean Guardian Of Destruction, because of the intensified polarity that you have cultivated.

The vibrations of words reflect the vibrations in your group consciousness. All families, groups of friends, races, nations and continents have their own collective memory. An innovation made by one is stored in the group consciousness and can be accessed by others at an instant. Maybe you have experienced situations when you thought of something and later noticed that you were not the only one thinking about it? Thinking always bears an effect, either through group consciousness or directly through your brain waves, telepathy.

Group consciousness is much like Internet that was, indeed, invented as a material reflection of your group consciousness. Once the information is linked to the Internet, you can find it when you know the search words. Similarly, once you experience something or form a learning, the information is available in your group consciousness. When animals are connected to their species-specific group consciousness, you observe it as an instinct.

In all languages and cultures, you reflect your feelings to me by the name you use to address me. The name is not my true vibration, but it is a reflection of your feelings towards me. For example, if you connect to me through some previous level of Earth’s evolution, for instance through the era of dinosaurs and reptiles, you may picture me looking something like a masculine crocodile and name me according to your feelings. The name would most likely carry strong consonants. Or, if you were to connect to me through the First Sea of Earth, you would probably give me a name reflecting your feelings using long vowels and soft consonants. If you were to make a picture of me at that era, you would probably show feminine traits in it.

You are still able to connect to all eras, periods and epochs of Earth Creation by connecting to the group consciousness of that era, but your real task is to find the connection to me in the time that you are experiencing now, and not through your brain but through your Heart.

The Truth is visible in everything that I have created. I wish you would gradually start seeing instead of looking, listening instead of hearing and over-standing instead of understanding. The Truth is not beyond your grasp. The greatest Truth is even closer than you may think: it is already within you, waiting for you to excavate it.

At the level where I exist now, my sound is "la" in the system of eight. Certain ranks of Ang-els are also at this level. On Earth existence, the lowest level in musical terms is "do": air, water, minerals, the elements from your perspective. The level above it, "re", is flora, “mi” is fauna, and from “fa” onwards we get to you as Fe-Man that resonate to various levels of sound, depending on your spiritual development. Some Souls have traveled the whole way from the first moment of my Earth's Creation to the present day. Many Souls have come to Earth from other worlds to experience it, maybe taking their very first steps as Fe-Men right now.

You vibrate at the “fa” level until you become conscious of yourself as Soul. Once you establish the connection to your True Self, you start vibrating at the “sol” level and begin your conscious journey towards me. When you find the connection to me, you become my Living Son or Daughter, vibrating at the “la” level of God while still experiencing Earth. In other words, when you over-stand who you really are and overcome the separation between us, you start resonating with my level of vibration and attain Light within you. In Christian terms, Holy Spirit enters your being. In yogic terms, you become enlightened. This is when you become fully conscious of your Soul Plan and start fulfilling your highest purpose, the journey back home.

In Islam, the name that you have given to me is reflecting the moment when you as my Son or Daughter and I as God become one. You are re-born within me and I am re-born within you. What is in the physical world, “al”, starts reflecting that which is beyond the physical world, “la”, uniting as Allah.

If you choose not to pursue connecting with me during your lifetime, I will not become alive in you. The more Fe-Men re-establish their connection with me and are re-born as my Sons and Daughters, the more alive I am on Earth. It only takes one Son or Daughter to make the connection and bring God alive on Earth, and only a few to move the whole experience of Fe-Mankind to the next level of existence.

Beyond my level there are the primary forces of Light and Darkness, and beyond them, the indivisible One, the Pre-Light. Light and Darkness are not my creation. They originate from the One, the source of all that exists.

The powers of Light and Darkness need to be in balance at the point where Earth moves on to its next stage of evolution. Light is the prerequisite of life, the basis of life. Darkness is also a prerequisite of life, but instead of maintaining, it is changing that what is, making evolution possible.

In Christianity, you have assigned the number 666 to mean the number of beast. In the pure vibration scale of numbers, this triple number conveys the vibration of change. In linear Earth time, you have noticed the direction where you are taking the change and you have begun to project your fear by shifting the meaning of 666 from mere change to fear of change. Even the beast, representing your fear, is of your own making and does not exist beyond your mind and group consciousness.

One of my original tasks as Earth’s Creator and God is to aid maintain the balance of Light and Darkness. If there is too much change in Fe-Men’s lives, Light, the basis of life, becomes weaker because Darkness, the change, consumes the basis too fast. An everyday example of this kind of balance is burning a candle. When the candle is lit up, the fire maintains a steady supply of light and warmth. A house on fire could serve as an example of imbalance. The fire consumes the burning material fast, quickly leaving destruction behind, offering very little chance for learning during the event.

This is where we come to the present day. When your group consciousness has moved the balance of vibration towards the negative by concentrating on the outward change at the expense of maintaining the inner stability, and you have distanced yourselves from your essence and me, and the force of Light on Earth has diminished. Your life has become a house on fire and the intensified change has made your life emptier, lacking true Joy and Happiness, and without true content. The Nature is reflecting your state to you by bringing more and more chaos into your life, to aid you in over-standing your situation, to allow you to become aware of your state. The base of your life on Earth has become weak because you have become weak. You can hardly relate to your origin.

Again, it has come a time for me to remind you of me, your Creator. I am not abandoning you, even though you have been abandoning me. I Love you too much, my Sons and Daughters, because you are a part of me, you come from me.

Re-member with me. Become the True You.


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