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Opening words

Reading The Book of Earth may be easy or difficult for you. At some points you may feel at home with the vibrations of the words, at some, you may feel lost. Regardless of your reading experience, it will be a journey into yourself: who you are, where you are, when you are and why you are.

If you consciously allow the information enter into you and read it with your feelings rather than with your intellect, the power of words may ignite higher vibrations in you. These higher vibrations are the gateway to your true self.

At its best, the information in The Book of Earth can open new possibilities within you to experience your life; to become conscious of your choices and the power that you have regarding yourself and your own life which, when you realize it, can change the world around you.

I have written this book to offer You a possibility to look at yourself and your life from a new perspective. Our ancient question is what is the meaning of life. The answer seems to have always been so far away; the universe appears so incomprehensibly vast. What meaning can one individual possibly have in this eternity?

You are the answer to all your questions. Allow yourself space to open up for yourself. The Book of Earth is aiming to construct you that space, by offering you the physical point in time that you spend in reading, so that you will be able to ask yourself the key questions and trigger the answers already awaiting for you.

Following readymade paths is as good as knowing where you can find information, like knowing your way to the library. Even though historically and by the information content readymade paths are very valuable, they have little to do with your personal learning. You are the only one who can consciously learn for yourself.

If you feel like you are not in total control of your life, or some aspects of it are controlled by someone or something else, you will benefit from reading this book. At the minimum, you can detect the boundaries that shell your existence and take steps to change or remove them. The experience can instigate a chain reaction within you that can lead you to take a whole new approach in your life, with regard to yourself and what surrounds you. But only if you truly want it. You are in charge of all aspects of your life, this reading experience included, and everything that may happen afterwards.

This book is the result of one journey within, accompanied by studies of ancient and current religions, myths and philosophies, and of co-operation with levels of knowledge found within, through Heart. I have chosen to use Christian terminology whenever applicable, because it is most familiar to me, and because the message of Love that Christ anchored to Earth still vibrates strongly when we take a moment to remember it.

The message of Oneness and of the next step in human evolution is already coming to you from many directions now and in the coming years to offer you the possibility for a conscious choice: do you choose to be One or Zero? The information will be presented in various ways to allow you to connect with it. This book offers one alternative.

The truth of our purpose as humankind is like a multicolored beach ball. From one angle the ball seems to be red and yellow, from another angle it looks blue and white. The truth is still the beach ball, and when people take the time to look for similarities in their belief systems rather than differences, we can start realizing the truth of our common experience on Earth, and heal ourselves.

I wish You a nourishing journey within Yourself. Using the words of V. A. Koskenniemi, a Finnish poet: Who skis along tracks / is imprisoned by the tracks. / The only freedom is / the untouched snow.


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