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The Book of Earth

I started channeling the Book of Earth from Elohim in 2003. I sent it to a publisher but was discouraged because it was returned. I forgot the book. Today I woke up as a new person, as something that I was not last night. You can read about the path from the Luxonia channelings.

I realized that I had to live through the contents of the book.

The Book of Earth was written for this time, not the time years ago.
The Book of Earth is my path.
Maybe it helps you on yours.

Asta Tuominen

#Article TitleHits
1Opening words2704
2Explanation of Terms2717
3Part I, Book of Earth - The Plan2632
4The Creation2501
6Yesu on Earth2383
8Your Conscious Work2323
9Your Dream Work2319
10Lessons to Learn on Earth3638
11Wanting and Needing2467
12Loving and Hating2497
13Soul Evolution2771
14Soul in You2578
15Symbols to Enhance Vibration11330
16Portals of Birth and Death4891
17Portal of Heart3682
18Passageways to Universal Information3125
19The Brief Experience of Life2867
20"Friends" and "Enemies"3041
21Soul Families16240
22Closing the Circles4661
23Your Book of Life3206
24Healing Yourself3037
25Levels of Communicating2471
26Co-operating with Yourself2270
27From Religion to Lovegion2149
29Gods and Creations2106
30Connecting with God2263
31See the Signs2037
32The Shift of Earth2132
34Sin and Judgement2060
36My Testament1856
37Part II, Simple Guidelines for Self-Healing1845
38Treating Acute Illnesses and Injuries1814
40Asking for Assistance1860
41Using Your Hand2056
42Treating Emotional Injuries1841
43Everyday Methods for Self-Healing1809
44Becoming Aware1879
45Following the Nature1828
46Processing Low Vibration Feelings1951
47Eating and Drinking1894
48Evacuating Bodily Substances1778
49Resting and Sleeping1862
50Praying and Meditating1777
52Controlling Information Flow1803
53Side Effects of Healing2443
54Heart Chakra2523
55Experiences Related to Shift4005
56Closing Words2056