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Children's games

Children's games


A chosen player tries to chase and tag, to touch, another player, who in turn becomes the player trying to tag the next one.

Hide and seek

A chosen seeker counts numbers in a loud voice with his or her eyes closed until the agreed point. Then the seeker starts looking for the other players that are hiding. When the seeker finds another player, the player has to go to the agreed beginning point. When the seeker has found all players, the first one in “prison” becomes the new seeker.


The players place themselves at the agreed distance from the player chosen as mirror, about 15 to 20 meters away. The mirror turns his or her back to the other players. The players try to approach the mirror without the mirror spotting any movement. The mirror can turn around at any point and send the player seen moving back to the starting line. The first player to touch the mirror becomes the new mirror.

Ten sticks on the board

A board of wood is balanced into a seesaw by placing a log of wood or a stone underneath it in the middle. Ten sticks are placed at the end of the board touching the ground. One of the players steps on the other end of the board so that the sticks fly in the air. The player chosen the seeker tries to catch a falling stick. If the seeker catches one before it hits the ground, the player stepping on the board will become the new seeker and the game begins anew.

If the seeker is unable to catch a stick, the others run and hide while the seeker collects the sticks and places them on the board. When the sticks are in place, the seeker shouts: “Ten sticks on the board!” and starts looking for the hidden players. When the seeker sees a hidden player, the seeker shouts their name and runs to place one foot on the board. The detected player has to stay in the “prison” drawn next to the board.

If the detected player gets to the board before the seeker and manages to stomp the board flying the sticks in the air, the player shouts “ten sticks in the air!” and can run into hiding again.

Any player in hiding can run and stomp the sticks into the air and shout “ten sticks in the air”, in which case all the imprisoned players become free to run and hide themselves again.

When all players are in prison, a new seeker is nominated.

Because this game can take a long time, the players can agree that the imprisoned players can warn the seeker if someone is trying to come and step on the board, or that a person in hiding can free the prisoners only once during one game.

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