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Chapter 17 - Rachel's school morning

Chapter 17 - Rachel's school morning



- Rachel, wake up!, Mom was waking up Rachel. – Today is the first day at school.

Rachel bounced up from the bed and rushed to brush her teeth. Harry had got hold of his peeing business so well that Rachel had time to brush her teeth before Harry had to get out.

Mom had taken some time off from work to be able to escort Rachel to school.

After brushing the teeth and putting her clothes on and taking Harry out, Rachel had a roll and some juice. The school was to start at ten in the morning. Rachel had walked the route many times with Dad to become familiar with it. The school was not far away, just at the end of Blueberry Road so you did not have to mind traffic too much.

Just when Rachel was finishing her breakfast, the doorbell chimed. Mom went to answer.

- Rachel, you have a visitor, said Mom when she returned to kitchen.

- A visitor, for me! Who is it?

- Go and see, smiled Mom.

Rachel ran to the hall.

- Hi, said Sadie.

- Hi, said Rachel.

- I came to pick you up for school. You are starting at first grade today, right?

- Yes, said Rachel.

Sadie was wearing a yellow shirt and white trousers and had red sneakers in her feet.

- Why are you not dressed in black? You always wear black clothes, said Rachel.

Sadie was seemingly embarrassed and took a long while to answer.

- I had time to think at the hospital. I do not want to be like I was before. I thought that you were just a stupid little kid but then you saved my life and I noticed that there are many colours in life that I like more than black.

Rachel tried to find something to say but her mind was empty.

Harry bounced into the hall and greeted Sadie by barking “Harry-yip-hi-Sadie!” Harry had learned a new word! Sadie leaned down to scratch Harry and suddenly Rachel was feeling really good. She watched Harry first sniff Sadie’s face and then give a lick at the top of her nose. Sadie laughed.

- Let’s go, said Rachel.

Mom, Dad and Harry watched from the kitchen window when Rachel and Sadie walked hand in hand along the Berry Lane towards the school. Mom and Dad were happy that Sadie had come for Rachel. Maybe Rachel had finally found a friend.


But who was that boy with brown hair and blue clothes flying next to Rachel?

- Bangel!, exclaimed Dad astonished.

- Dangel, sighed Mom stunned.

- Yip, said Harry, and it contained everything that had ever existed in the world, everything that was, and everything that would ever come.

The End




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