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Chapter 12 - Rachel's extraordinary dream

Chapter 12 - Rachel's extraordinary dream



Most often Rachel had dreams of summer: clouds, water, grass, trees and flower meadows. Lately Harry and Ringel had accompanied her in her dreams, sometimes Mom and Dad, and very infrequently others. But this time the dream did not follow any previous pattern.

Rachel found herself alone in a large, white, tall room that was almost empty. The ceilings, roof and floor where like opaque glass that let light glow through it. There was no lighting in the room, and it was neither hot nor cold. In the corner stood some transparent cubes.

Ringel appeared to Rachel’s side.

- This is an extraordinary dream, Rachel observed.

- Yes, this time I selected your dream because you normally choose to make bouquets at night.

- What is this place? Where are we? What are those cubes?

- This is the storage room of your life. Those cubes at the back wall are things that you have learned during your lifetime. Your task is to fill this room with things that you have learned so that no more cubes can fit in.

- But there are only three of them! I can talk and read (in capital letters) and count (up to one hundred) and make bouquets and put my clothes on and all kinds of things, Rachel listed.

- These are different kind of things. They are things that you cannot learn without consideration.

Rachel did not quite understand what Ringel meant.

- These are the things that you have been thinking about at the hammock, clarified Ringel.

- Oh, like that things can exist even if you cannot see them?, noticed Rachel.

- Yes, and that things can be different than they seem at the first glance, nodded Ringel.

- And if you hurt your heart, it can hurt more than tripping down, and that the heart heals slower than a bruise, remembered Rachel, and also reminded herself that she needed to think about it more.

Rachel walked to the translucent cubes. One of them was lilac, the other was green and the third one was as transparent as glass.

- When you have finished considering the matter of the heart, the bright cube turns white. Every matter has its own colour, explained Ringel. – When you find a Profound Question of Life to think about, a transparent cube appears here. When you understand it, the cube gets its colour.

- But there is space for so many cubes! It will take a huge amount of time to fill this room, Rachel wondered.

- You have all the time of your life and it is enough for all that is required, enlightened Ringel.

Rachel was perplexed. Was the meaning of life to collect cubes?

- Think, Rachel. What are these cubes?

- They are things learned by contemplating, remembered Rachel.

- So what is the meaning of life then?

- To understand things!, crystallised in Rachel’s mind.

And at the same time a new transparent cube appeared in the corner of the room! Rachel woke up.

“Wow! What a strange dream that was!”, thought Rachel. “The meaning of life was to contemplate on things so that you thoroughly understood them”.

- I needed to show you the room and the cubes, otherwise it would have been difficult to explain, Rachel heard Ringel’s voice come from the floor next to Harry.

Ringel left unsaid that part of life is to also live by the things that you have understood but understanding that would have been too much to ask for of a six-year-old. The time for that would come later.

- What happens when the room becomes full?, popped in Rachel’s mind.

- That is the start of a new adventure.

Rachel spent some time thinking of cubes and hammock and white room and understanding. Then she decided that enough is enough and decided to go to her dream meadow for the rest of the night. There she spent the last hours of the night forming an elaborate bouquet but could not totally detach herself from the last dream. The clouds hanging at the sky were shaped like cubes displaying such fantastic colours that Rachel had never seen before!



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